getting littermates !!

vnualaFebruary 17, 2013

has anyone had any problems with getting 2 pups from the same litter ?? i am getting 2 female shihtzu's in 8 weeks time as i have 5 children ages 2,5,10,15,18,and it saves the fighting over one pup,i also know they will be spoilt rotten especially by my 10 and 15yr old daughters.I am getting a crate with a devider and will train them seperate as this is what it says on the net when trying to find out a little about 2 pups.Has anyone done this and has it worked.Thanks in advance Vicky. (the crate is only for sleeping) i am also at home all day and have owned a shihtzu before ,she passed away 4 yrs ago age 13.

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Sophie Wheeler

Got to be a troll. Registered today. And no one is that foolish. 2 small breed puppies, with a 2 year old and a 5 year old in the house? Of a breed that is particularly difficult to housebreak? Got to be a troll.

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& she doesn't want to get only one because the children would fight over it.

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And littermates? Never a good idea. They will bond with each other and won't be good pets for children, especially not that young. And you're right, a lot of them never get housebroken. If this isn't a troll, those pups are aimed at a rescue in a year or so. If you aren't a troll, please get only ONE of those pups and work with it for a year or so. It will be a lot of work, and if you get littermates you'll have to put 3 or 4 times the amount of work and energy into raising them. Not a good idea at all. Better yet, wait until your youngest is 5 or 6. It's hard to have the time and energy and attention needed to raise a puppy under the bets of circumstances, and you have 2 kids that need at least as much of your time and energy as one pup would need.

Oh, and toy breeds need to be with mother and littermates until they are 10-12 weeks old. They don't mature as fast as most larger dogs, and need the learning and socialization they get from their mother and littermates. Yes, they will be weaned at 4 or 5 weeks, but weaning has NOTHING to do with a pup being ready to leave home.

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