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beths96March 22, 2014

Hi everyone! We are closing on a new house this week. The previous owner had great decorating sense, so not much will need to be changed. However, there are two large, floor-to-ceiling white painted brick fireplaces on the first floor. Both have no mantels.

Do you think we should shop around for a mantel to install? I would love to hang the tv here like they have, but hiding the wires would be nearly impossible. (The owners just have the cords wrapped around the back of the tv for staging).

PS - thank you for everyone who offered help on if I should paint my red dining room and kitchen for selling. I didn't paint, and the house sold in five days with multiple offers!

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This is the dining room fireplace.

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I'm sorry I messed up the title to this post! It should have said "white painted fireplace."

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Those floors are gorgeous.

I would add mantels, maybe a reclaimed beam, stained to match the floors? You need something there, and you can decorate a mantel. hang paintings or mirrors over the mantel.

The TV over the fireplace thing makes my skin crawl. I just loathe that look. TVs as artworkâ¦nope. Not to mention the impracticality of it in that TVs should be at eye level. Indeed, what I like about the new flat-screen TV is that, because they are slim, you can put them on an articulating arm and make them less discreet when you're not watching TV.

But that's just my own very strong opinion, of course.

But yes, I think the huge white brick wall needs some oomph.

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No mantle. Live there a while before you make any decision. Mantles are not necessary but if you find that is what you want after living there through Christmas, by all means, place mantles. You DO NOT have to do that now. About your TV placement, talk with a good installation person to see about ways to hide the cord. I am sure it can be done. My son has done it in his house with no mantle, and he did it himself.

IMHO, placing a bulky mantle on this beautiful piece of art (the fireplace), would bother me (I made that mistake once) and about the TV, I am not in favor of TVs in that location but everybody knows we have TVs and it has become the norm to put them there. I don't have one there. It's just not something I would ever do, but if you want one there, make sure you get instructions on how to keep the cords obscured with a safe installation. My son is very handy with these sorts of things. I call him when I want tech support or electrical decisions made. God bless him, he has a Ph.D in Music Ed and we expect him to know everything.

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If you definitely want the TV there I say no mantle....this will allow you to hang the TV lower more at eye level. If you do put a mantle there you would only be able to display low objects so as not to interfere with the TV.....doesn't seem worth it. Totally cords showing. You could go either way in the DR, but I think a mantle with some candles and artwork would look nice and it might be nice to have one there if you dont put one in the LR.

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I wouldn't add a mantel. IMO it would look crowded.

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Are the fireplaces operable? It doesn't look like it since they painted the inside brick in the same paint and it looks like there is no soot, etc. I would wait on the mantel. You might even want to repaint the brick a different color once you come up with your own color scheme.

That was kind of sneaky of the sellers to hide the TV cord! Most would have assumed that it was wired through the wall or brick. The Tv could easily be mounted on the wall to the right of the fireplace with an articulated mounting bracket that will allow you to swivel and pull it out into the room.

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Another vote for no mantle. I like the clean profile, though I'm not fond of wreaths, except at Christmas.

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I would wait until you have your belongings moved in, and then decide whether a mantel would enhance what you add to the rooms.

One step I would take is painting the tiled hearth a matte black that's fire-resistant. There is special paint sold at the big box hardware stores that is made for high-heat areas (such as BBQ grills) that would work. As it is now, the earthtone of the hearth doesn't go well with the fireplace brick.

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Thanks, everyone! Actually, I should have told you that I don't plan on putting our tv there. I have a nice armoire, painted white, that my dad made for us when we bought our current (soon to be sold!) home in 2001. It's special, and our flat screen tv fits fine in it. Plus, it has tons of storage underneath to keep things out of plain sight. It will go in a corner of the living room.

So that's why I was concerned. I have no idea what to do with the brick fireplace. Actually, my vision is either a beautiful mirror or a nice, large wall clock. It's a tough decision! Luckily, we will own the home for two months before we move in, and we are going to make most of the changes before we move in in June.

I have to say that when I first viewed the home pics online, I was really drawn to the white fireplaces. I actually love them. No, they are not functional, but my husband is going to investigate. We would love a wood-burning fireplace, but gas would work, too.

Thank you! Just wondering, really, how hard it would be to add a mantel, and if I should. I really love the idea of a pretty clock there. As far as the dining room goes, I think a mantel would work well on that fireplace, as compared to the living room.

PS - I picked out my colors. SW Essential Gray for the foyer, living room, and upstairs hallway, and SW Proper Gray for the kitchen and dining room. I also chose SW Sea Salt for the master bedroom and bathroom. :)

PPS - I wanted to thank all of you who gave your opinions on my current home's house colors. I asked if red in my dining room and kitchen would turn off potential buyers. It must not have, because my house sold in three days with multiple offers! :) Thanks!

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I would add a mantle. A beefy reclaimed would simple mantle would really look great!!! It would ground whatever you hang above it.

Love your new home!!!! So charming.

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I love the room! As pretty as the fireplaces are, they look weird because they don't work and are a bit too clean.

I'd worry about a mantel later and devote my time on getting the fireplaces to work.

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Love the rooms! Also would wait to add mantels. See if you can get the fireplaces working, as that may dictate some of your materials choices. Congratulations on selling your home so quickly! I remember your pictures--- your previous home was charming and I have no doubt this one will be even better. I also LOVE white painted fireplaces, and your wall color choices will make yours look more fabulous than they already do!

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I'd wait, too. They look charming without mantels, but probably would be just as charming with them. If you cannot make them functional, I remember seeing somewhere (maybe here) someone added mirror to the back of the firebox, so with the candles reflected it really increased their firepower - and some sparkle. I found these on pinterest...

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Can they even be made to be functional? The one in the DR looks like it is really shallow and isn't capable of being made to be functional. If that's the case I'd just gyprock over it like the rest of the DR.

If the one in the DR can be made to be functional then fine, add a mantle. Otherwise it looks like a very poorly executed affectation. Just my opinion.

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What deeinohio said. Not fond of wreaths except at Christmas but if you wish (I love the clean look), you could use a mirror there. My thought on the DR fireplace was that it was probably used with a space heater which required a very shallow firebox and gave an ember glow. I grew up with that, why I know.

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I think the fireplaces are very pretty and as someone said - will look even better with your paint colors. Even if it is not possible to bring them to working order, they are still very pretty. Love Olychick's pix of the candles in the fireplaces. In warmer months you can put a beautiful fern in place of the candles. The mirrored back is also a good idea - IF you can't make them workable.

In the living room I like the idea of a beautiful mirror or piece of art over the fireplace. You wouldn't need a mantel, and as someone suggested, not having a mantel would allow you to better place the mirror/artwork, etc.

In the dining room I think a mantel might be quite pretty and you could display items on and/or above the mantel.


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