White or cream cabinets in kitchen?

lolaurenFebruary 7, 2010

I love white/off-white kitchens.

My cabinet-maker offers only three white/cream options for painted cabinets. They are:

Vintage white

Devine Whip

Antique white

I do not like the brightness of MDF white... it is TOO stark, but I do like normal softer white painted kitchens. That makes me want to pick "vintage white" for my cabinets/trim/etc. However, my cabinet maker and builder both said, "Ohhh...no!! Most people do the devine whip."

I'm a little torn.... between the vintage white and the devine whip. (The Antique white seems way too yellow/dark cream for my taste.)

So... for those of you into white cabinets or off-white cabinets.... what do you think? what would you do? is there something too stark about this vintage white... ?

(Thanks!! ..... this home building process can get a little overwhelming!)

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Antique is too yellow for me, yoo. Vintage is my favorite of these.

Don't worry about what "most people do."

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plumeriavine -- thanks :) Planning out an entire house is getting a bit overwhelming on my own! I think I just needed to hear that from someone else who actually likes white kitchens.... (they aren't popular here) :)

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I love white kitchens. I have always wanted one. In our past houses, I have never been able to do a remodel or choose any cabinet color--I don't care whether white kitches are dated, trendy or over-used.....I'll be the one living there and I FINALLY want my white kitchen. Do what your head is telling you....you are the one who will be cooking in it and living in it.

I like Vintage! :)

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I vote for Vintage. What will your counters be?

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I think it will look much whiter when it's up. But if you love more white than cream, go with Vintage. I do think they're all great though but you have more choices with granite and backsplash with the middle shade...it can match more white or more cream more than the other two.


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So are you trying to match all your trim and millwork to the color of your cabinets? Are your windows white or off white? Do you have cabinets in your laundry room & bathrooms and do you have to choose one color for all rooms? Have you chosen your wall color & flooring yet? I think I would try to coordinate all of it before my final decision. If you have always wanted a white kitchen that might be your deciding factor. Good luck and let us know what you choose.

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I like the Vintage, not the Cream.
A true white is much easier to live with in the long run. The cream, well, I think it is more a fad.

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I have always had white kitchens and I think that Devine Whip would be the most versatile. I'm in the process of updating my kitchen and have selected the same creamy white - not too yellow, now too white. The antique white looks too yellow and IMO the Vintage is too cold.

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My old pantry room was close to the shade of Vintage. I never got tired of it. We didn't replace it because of the color. We could have done Vintage again. Easy to decorate that space.

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LoLauren - I too am overwhelmed with a whole house renovation. I am also trying to decided between whites ("Pearl" and Marshmellow Cream" ;)... Of the choices you posted, I think I like the Vintage best.

I am curious to hear if you are planning to match the trim to the cabinets. I am actually thinking of doing my cabinets in Marshmellow Cream (more like the Divine) and then a contracting trim in a purer white. What do people think - will that look ok?

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We just did a very white cabinet in our remodel. I love it. It's white-white. I say, go with the Vintage!! Any other color you put with it will "pop" even more.

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I like the Vintage, because it looks both clean and versatile. I also agree on the "pop" factor.

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I asked the same question about a week ago...you may want to search for that thread.

Personally, I chose a cream color over stark white. As some mentioned, cream is more warm. Also, I've seen some cheap-looking white kitchens (think "entry-level" condos) so you'd need to be careful it doesn't end up cheap-looking.

Of these three, the Devine Whip is my pick.

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Our kitchen remodel has off white cabs to the ceiling with moldings in the same shade, ditto the built-in entertainment center in the adjoining family room. However, my crown molding around the rest of these rooms is white. I thought about this a lot and was pursuaded to do this by the gal who helped with the design work. It really makes sense to me because the cabs are a separate entity from the rest of the room and the difference in the shades of white makes them stand out more.

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I like both Vintage and Devine Whip. But in the end I would select Devine Whip for a softer and warmer look. It will still very much look and feel like a white kitchen. Of course it depends a lot on your counters, flooring and backsplash. Do you want a cooler or a warmer vibe?

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My vote is a strong yes for Vintage, having gone in the cream realm for my cabinets, which I regret not being more white.

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I like the Devine and the Antique. For my taste, the Vintage is too stark.

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Either vintage or divine would look good. It really depends on the other elements in the kitchen. The divine is definately more traditional; If you want darker hardware/light fixtures the devine might look better. If you want nickel, the vintage would look better. We had to make a similar choice and went with white-white.


creamy white:

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I think it depends on what the colors/tones are in the rest of your home, and especially in the rooms nearest your kitchen. If they're cool, go for the Vintage. If they're warm, then the Devine would look better. Good luck!

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lolauren - I would go for the shade that's close to cream (offwhite); we just placed our cabinet order , Antique white ! Ours has a chocolate glazing make it look more of a creamy white ..

Good luck - having gone thru this process, I know how tough it would be :-)

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I hate it when I am told what "most people" would do.
You are you and they are they.
"Most people" are not going to live in your kitchen but you are.
There is great advice above to help you make the decision but just forget about "most people"
Anyway if most people choose something it still means that SOME people chose the other, doesn't it. So you will be one of the "some"
These decisions are not easy so I wish you all the best
A story about my experience
When I repainted most of the house a few years ago I did not want white for the ceiling. I chose a warmer off white even though i was told what "most people" and "usually" as well as "normally" would choose.
The result there is lovely and the painter even said he was surprised how good it looked and even would be recommending that in t he future!

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Uggg  such hard decisions. I want a white kitchen too and have been reading every thread about them. White Dove is a popular choice on these forums. How does that compare to the choices here???

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First off, thank you to everyone for the replies. It is very helpful....

"So are you trying to match all your trim and millwork to the color of your cabinets?"

Yes.. I intend to. There will be trim throughout, a fireplace with painted mantle & built-ins, etc. I do not like when trim and white cabinet colors are off/don't match. Actually, I don't even like when a farmhouse sink (white) doesn't match the white/cream cabinets. :)

remodel-mama -- There are threads online about trim matching the cabinets. People have posted photos of cabinets and trim that don't match... as examples.... I think it is a matter of your taste. I'm just a bit too bothered by something like that. Others wouldn't even notice or like it that way. Searching those threads was helpful for me... (I hope I don't offend those who like this option. It's just not for me!)

"Are your windows white or off white?"

I can do either for the actual window. The trim around them will match all the other millwork.

"Do you have cabinets in your laundry room & bathrooms and do you have to choose one color for all rooms?"

I will do the laundry room cabinets later on. I am hesitant to plan that room out at this point without really thinking about what I want afterward. (It's about 13 x 10... but needs to act as a mudroom/laundry and maybe dog room!) It is fairly close to the kitchen and I will likely do white shelving in there.

The bathrooms are another story. They won't match the kitchen cabinets. My husband really wants a tiled master bathroom (tub, floor, etc. in a beige-y colored tile.) Because of it, we thought a dark stain on the cabinets would be best for contrast. Also, that is what he likes. :)

"Have you chosen your wall color & flooring yet?""

The flooring in most of the house is a medium-, brown stained wood. It's a cooler/gray tone rather than a warm tone, if that even makes sense. My wall color hasn't been picked.

Also, all fixtures/lighting/hardware are planned to be ORB.

I need to re-read everything to make sure I answered everything. :) Thanks again, all!!

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oh.... counters are priced/scheduled to be quartz currently..... I like durham or blackwood from Cambria if I go with a dark/blackish color..... or Aragon if I go with a lighter color. Aragon wouldn't match the Vintage, though. My cabinet guy is also my counter guy, so I'll be able to easily stare at all of these together when I make final choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.cambriausa.com/design_palette.cfm

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