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VtHomebrewerNovember 24, 2011

Anyone ever "cook" a turkey in the microwave? I think the igniter on my soon to be replaced oven just died.

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I assume you are not talking about oven with a pilot light. I assume you are talking about spark plug type of igniters.

Check and see if the spark gaps on any one of the stove burners is shorted or wet or carbonized. Clean everyone of them. If one of them is shorted, none of the other will work.

Yes, you can cook a turkey in a microwave, but you cannot brown a turkey in a microwave.

Good luck, and have a nice TG meal.


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Oh darn!

Do you have a BBQ? If do bring it to it's highest heat , then turn off one side and turn the other side down to a high medium. Place the bird on the "off" side of the grill. You will need to rotate the bird 45 degrees every 20 minutes or so.

Microwave would be my absolute last choice...doable but not great.

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I don't have any gas in the grill tank cause it's almost December and snow keeps the grill out of reach. I hadnt thought of that though, so thanks. I used the oven yesterday to brew an Irish red ale and I baked a pie this a.m.. All good. It was only as I was waiting for the oven to heat up that I noticed it wasn't gritting over 120F. Thought about the crockpot but it won't fit. The pilgrims made chicken Marsala, didnt they?

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If your burners are working, cut that turkey up & braise it with the root veggies stove top.

Best of luck!


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Does the cook top work? If so you could cook it in a dutch oven...I've never done it but it should work.

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You guys are great...I just grabbed some frozen chicken thighs,red peppers, mushrooms and chix stock for some tradional "ye old pilgrim chicken Marsala"
Good news, the Irish red is bubbling away!

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Next year I'm thinking of doing turkey fricasse anyway. I never seem to have any luck roasting things in the oven. This year we did grilled turkey cutlets, they were good!

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