I do not have a steady hand...

cookie8January 19, 2010

And am looking to buy a new camera. Right now we have the Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital Elph which seems to be on it's last leg. It takes very clear and crisp shots on a stable surface or tripod but that rarely happens and it's me with my unsteady hands taking the pictures. I don't have the shakes or anything but I can't hold the camera still if my life depended on it. Is there a camera out there that would compensate for this? BTW, it's more like a slight sway as my pictures are always so slightly off from the subject I am trying to get and it's even worse when I zoom in. Thanks.

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My Sony Camera DSC-500 has a setting called Steady Shot. You can have it on all the time or when the shutter is pressed have way down. I believe many cameras today have the stabilizer option.


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Thanks. I have been eying the Canon sxi but my husband is telling me a point and shoot works really well and I just have to spend some time reading the manual to get to know the features. Thanks. I will check it out and see how it does once I set up that option.

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Hi cookie8,
If you like your camera and don't particularly want to buy a new one, you might want to consider using a tripod or a "bean bag" to stabilize your camera. There are some hints about using your body to help steady the camera (take a breath and hold it while you press the shutter, place your elbows at your side when you hold the camera, lean against a tree or other object to stabilize your body,etc). It just takes some practice, but I can't say enough about using a tripod. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon

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Cookie, a lot of cameras today have Image Stabilization (IF). I don't think it's specifically intended to help with photographer shake; it was designed to compensate for the internal shake that comes when using a long zoom. But I'm told it can help solve your problem, too.

The other BIG factor is this: Do you hold the camera out in front of you, and use the LCD screen to compose? If so, I'm sure you'll find you do a lot better if you keep the camera against your face and use a viewfinder.

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