Cat throwing up often...symptom of something serious?

mizzblondie0789February 25, 2010

SO I've taken my cat to the vet because he throws up every couple of months and they did a fecal exam to check for worms which was negative, they said that my cat looks healthy and everything but recently he has been throwing up once a week or more. What do I really need to keep an eye on as to what the vomit looks like etc? I know that throwing up is a common symptom of a lot of things like parasites, kidney or liver disease etc..The VET said to bring him back if he is loosing weight, not eating or behaving differently. I'm planning on bringing him back their soon but was wondering what kind of tests they would do to see what was wrong with him? As well as how much they might cost? I think he eats a bit fast though because sometimes he will eat then throw up soon after and the throw up is full pieces of food. Could it be that he just eats too fast and get chased around the house by his brother after which causes him not to digest his food? He seems like hes acting normal and healthy he is still eating and not loosing weight. Sorry its so long!

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I have a very healthy, young Burmese cat that throws up every few months for no reason then eats and is fine. She is a grazer and doesn't eat very much at a time, so I don't think she is too full. Sometimes there is undigested food in it and other times it is kind of clear but slimy. I asked a good cat vet about it and she said she has seen this before. If there is no other cause for it and the cat acts and looks fine she thinks it is a temperamental sphincter muscle. Nothing to worry about unless it happens very frequently - then it can cause other problems.

Some cat owners seem to think dry food can be an issue for some cats. They don't chew the food, don't drink enough water and the food doesn't get digested and comes back up. I feed my cat good canned food so that is not an issue. I am no expert but my research shows that dry food is bad news in many ways so I moved her to canned when I adopted her. Her coat, energy level and body shape have changed markedly - all for the better.

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Years ago I had a Siamese mix, Cinders, who did that pretty often;
the vet said some cats are prone to do that, especially Siamese types.

& she did do it more often (& more "enthusiastically") when she was playing very actively, running around, etc.

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My cat does that occasionally, usually if she eats too much in a hurry. She's a picky eater but sometimes the food seems to appeal to her and she will wolf it down and then throw it right up. She likes canned food better as she is completely toothless. I feed her smaller portions now and she can nibble on the dry or wait until I give her a second helping. Her weight has stayed good and she stays pretty active, all indoors, of course.

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We have a 11-year-old cat who threw up frequently for years, yet remained healthy and our vet could find no cause. It was worse when she ate quickly. We tried various foods (dry and canned), raising her dish, feeding her separately, but nothing helped until we bought a (dry) food with NO GRAIN. Made a world of difference.....

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My cat did that - he was eventually diagnosed with IBD. This was determined through some blood work and how he responded to some medication. That is treated by changing food. He has done well on Natural Balance duck and pea.

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