Sick Goldendoodle

steph1961February 10, 2013

I have a 3 1/2 yr old Goldendoodle. Last Sunday he vomitted once, yellow bile. Just didnt seem quite himself the rest of the day. Monday wasnt eating, very lethargic. Tuesday took to vet, she did xrays to check for blockage as he has been known to eat a sock or two when he was a pup. Xray came back fine, all organs looked fine but looked gassy. Gave us canned food, a tummy med and an anti inflammatory. (He was still drinking and urinating fine) By Friday still not eating, just laying around. When laying down he gets half way toward the ground and then just falls, very shaky and walking like he was drunk. Friday back at vet she ran all types of blood tests. Calcium is very high, platelets very low. All blood work was off, what should be high due to something being low to help make diagnosis was not. She has now ran tests for tic disease and Lepospirsis, (although those symptoms dont add up to me) He is on Doxycycline, Furosemide, Prednisone, and Cefpodoxime. He is still drinking fine, not eating unless we feed it to him with a syringe. Has urinated while standing a few times. He has lost 15 lbs since last Sunday. HELP! Anyone else ever heard or dealt with these type of symptoms???

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I assume the vet is waiting for results on the tests she ran Friday? Otherwise, what is her diagnosis so far?

Until she gets some answers my concern would be keeping a fluid and electrolyte balance in your dog, so I hope the vet kept him for treatment. All the drugs he's on can cause some side effects so he definitely needs to be watched closely.

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So far no DX, she gave us a specialty food for critical care that can be fed to him using a syringe. He is drinking fine and urinating, (that's the only time he gets up) I was not the one who took him to the vet as I could not get off work, my daughters did. They don't remember her saying anything about side effects from the meds. Do you know what those might be?

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Side effects can easily be found on the web. Just goggle 'doxycycline dogs side effects' for results.
I'm curious as to why he's on Furosemide which is generally used for heart congestion or fluid on the lungs. It can also be used for potassium imbalance, but Furosemide and Pred will cause more urination, and since your dog is so ill, I'd be concerned with dehydration. Even tho your dog is drinking he could still be dehydrated if he's losing more fluid than he's taking in.

You really need to talk to the vet about each medication and why your dog is on it. If you feel the vet isn't working fast enough to find a solution, have her refer you to a Vet Internist, or contact one on your own.

Here is a link that might be useful: An example....

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The Furosemide is for the extremely high calcium level. Google is driving me nuts, so many different possibilities! ugh

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Ask the vet:

What are the details of the problem?

What are the possible causes?

What is the plan of treatment?

If the treatment yields no changes in 24 hours, what can be done next?

I have no idea what the problem is with your dog, but his condition sounds grave. I would go to a specialist. Have the vet fax the specialist all records.

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But what kind of specialist? I also think the dog should be taken to another vet. ASAP.

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eahamel, I mentioned it in my post, but I usually start with an Internist. They can refer you to another specialist if the problem is outside their field.

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Steph, at the very least, your vet should be able to talk to you about the treatment, suspected diagnosis, test results, and such on the phone. It is not unusual to have to have another family member or friend take an animal to the appointment, and the vet should call you to explain everything. I would also be concerned if the vet has not called to see how your dog is doing. Call her/him and ask questions like Annz and Elly suggested. Don't feel bad about asking your vet to recommend an internist or other diagnostic specialist, either. If you are near a university with a good veterinary school, you also might ask your vet if your dog should be referred there.

You should be able to have this conversation over the phone if you cannot get away from work to see the vet. If you can't take calls at work, ask the staff to please arrange for the doc to talk to you during your lunch or break time, or before or after work. This is serious stuff and you need to have good communication with the doc in order to make good decisions for your dog.

I hope it goes well, and please keep us informed.

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By any chance do you have any Sago Palms in or around your house or anywhere he goes? Has you vet checked his liver These symptoms sound all too familair to me. I listed my blog that tells you about them and the ASPCA has a list of all most poisonist plants.

Sago's are sold with no warning labels on them and up north you can get them as tabletop plants in warmer climates like TX and FL they are all over the place, almost every yard. I know of a cat that chewed on the leaves on the table and died. It's a horrible plant to have so just in case.

I have forgotten the name of some of the critical test (they are in the blog). This was one of Lucky's days of testing:
Lucky's lab results:
ALB-1.5-low 3.2 - in range
AMYL-470-low 400 - low
BUN-30-high 18 - in range
CHOL-53-low 125 - in range
TP-5-low 6.2 - in range
RBC-2.98-low 6.71 - in range
HGB-5.9-low 14.6 - in range
HCT-18.2-low 44 - in range
MCHC-32.3-low 35 - in range

Here is a link that might be useful: Sago Palms Kill. Lucky's story

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This sounds very much like the symptoms my sister's dog recently experienced with IMHA, an autoimmune disease. I posted about it several weeks ago. It causes the spleen to destroy red blood cells causing severe anemia. My sister's dog's first symptoms were lying around and falling over when he got up.

If his red count was low, make sure your vet has tested for it because it comes on suddenly and can quickly become fatal, sometimes even with treatment.

Poodles are one of the breeds that are predisposed to IMHA.

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