excess humidity and cats

luvdogsFebruary 10, 2010


At night, i keep my 5 cats in a separate room so i can let the dogs in.

The room suffered significant damage in a wind/rain storm and has been more humid than usual as it drys out from the rain that came in.

One of the cats is sick now - taking him to the vet asap and meanwhile i'm giving him clavamox. His symptom is lethargy - and some inappetance.

Anyone know about a problem with humidity and cats? The other four cats seem just fine.

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If the humidity is high enough to cause respiratory distress, none of those cats should be confined in that room, & I don't know that Clavamox will help;
it's an anti-biotic & won't help fungal or bacterial infection.

I'd take that cat to the vet right this minute.

I wish you the best.

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Any type of stress can cause all kinds of problems in cats including urinary problems and respiratory problems. Humidity isn't usually an issue by itself- there are millions of cats living outdoors in the tropics without problems. But if there is mold or other allergens because of high humidity that could be a major problem to allergic cats.

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