BM Advance vs BM Cabinet-Coat

jeriFebruary 12, 2013

I also posted this on the paint forum, but this is my favorite forum and you all are so knowledgeable. :-)

I know I want BM White Dove and I thought I was set on BM Advance paint until I went to the paint store to ask a few questions. The man there said it would yellow and peel. He showed me a very yellowed sample that was peeling. :-(

He recommends Cabinet-Coat.

IâÂÂm very inexperienced... The good news is that this will all be new wood - the bad news is that we will be ordering doors/drawers for the entire house - so I really want to make the right decision.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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I would suggest the guy a the paint store is, perhaps, clueless or at least ill-informed.

First of all, if it was peeling, they did something wrong. Advance was partly formulated for excellent adhesion. Any paint that's not put on properly will peel. What exactly have they been doing to these samples to make that happen?

Cabinet Coat is made by a different company, not BM. Lots of people like it but I have never seen it in a paint store and I don't have any experience with it.

I'm no professional ... I just paint A LOT and have done a fair amount of research on paints and products because of that. I've used Advance a fair amount and Aura a bit more but I've been happy with both (and there has been no yellowing that I've noticed with either).

Honestly, between what I've read and what I've experienced I think either product would be fine, but I do think the paint store guy is giving some misinformation.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM info on yellowing paint

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This is so discouraging! I have read so many threads and thought that I had a handle on things. I went to the paint store expecting confirmation of my choices and left more confused than ever. This is just too much money to screw up! We can pay to have them "professionally" finished - but I was really hoping to save some money here.

I'm going to take a drive to a different store in another city and see what they say. Should be interesting...

Thanks for your input SG! :-)

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I painted my cabinet boxes myself with BM Advance in Vellum semi gloss. When my painter came by to pick up my doors to spray and back brush them (I don't have enough space to spread the doors out to paint them and I have a neighbor with a leaf blowing habit) he said, "The finish on these is like oil paint. With the results you get painting, I don't know why you ever think you have to hire me, but I appreciate the work." He was also impressed that I cut in the ceiling by hand (it's blue against a cream wall but that's a different thread!).

The BM Advance went on super easy and it does self level and has nice open time like oil paint so you can really perfect your finish. I wasn't trying to get a glass like finish, but there isn't a brush stroke in it. The key is to use a very expensive brush and sand lightly between your first and second coat. Sixteen hours to recoat, btw.

It's expensive, but one pint was more than enough to do all my cabinets and have a bit left over.

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A while back INSLX was purchased by BM.
This includes their Cabinet Coat and STIX products.

These are fantastic products.
I've raved about Cabinet Coat here before. Feel free to do a search under my user name.

It is made for cabinets and trim. It dries quickly and hard as a rock.

If you do your prep work, which that yellow, peeling door obviously lacked (for any product) paint goes on like butter. As much as I hate to paint, I am not afraid to admit priming with the adhesive primer STIX, then using 2 coats of Cabinet Coat was almost a pleasure.

Why not consider a product made for cabinets specifically? And, if BM bought it, I'd say that's an(other) endorsement.

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Is there any advantage to using an oil paint if using a color other than white? Will it wear better than Cabinet Coat or others?

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When determining if I wanted to paint my cabinets, I tried out some BM Advance. I did some test cabinet doors (previously stained oak, properly prepared) with a roller. BM Advance is a good product. I decided not to paint my cabinets for other reasons, so the doors have been sitting out in the garage for 6 months, given all kinds of garage-abuse (for instance, used as sawhorse tables for projects), and still look fine! No peel, no chip. Yellow, I couldn't speak to.

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My 900 year old painter in New Orleans *insisted* on oil paint - and while the trim looked great, I was glad we didn't live in the house as the odor was unbearable.

That said, with high quality latex semi gloss, a good brush, and proper prep work, I get excellent results.

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I'm open to Cabinet-Coat, but I do have one question:

I was lead to believe Cabinet-Coat dries supper fast. While that might be great for getting things done quickly and reducing the amount of dust that might settle, I worry about it being much harder for a novice to do correctly.


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That's surprising. Our paint store, which has a great reputation, highly recommended Advance and, as I wrote before, it was great. No peeling at all...I also thought I read that it was developed specifically to be as durable as oil-based paints, but resolve some of the issues, like VOCs and yellowing. We have yellow cabs, so it wasn't an issue for us, obviously. :)

The low-VOC thing was very important to me...we ordered formaldehyde-free cabinets, as well.

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Jeri, you can add an extender to paint to increase the drying time of any waterborne paint. Helps with leveling, too. I've used Floetrol and liked it but others might be better.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but early on cabinet coat was only available in very light colors, no deep shades were possible. Moore came out with Advance about two years ago (in my area) and over the summer I finally got to use it. It can be mixed in the full spectrum of colors without any issues.
To me it is a perfect substitute for Dulamel/Impervo oil-based paints. Now, the one place I have not tried it is on bookshelves and double-hung windows, the two situations that always show up the shortcomings of latex's ability to dry to as hard and impervious a finish as oil enamel.
Based on what the paint feels like, it seems like windows and bookshelves will be fine as well.
Advance is a waterborne alkyd, and I believe requires a proprietary additive, not just water or floetrol.

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I went through this debate when I had my cabs painted. BM did buy the cabinet coat mfg a while back so they own the product now. The problem we discovered was the base color had a bit of a green tint to it. The white I used (simply white) looked better in the advance than in cabinet coat. the advance paint is holding up well given mine were sprayed on site. i would have gotten a better paint job if they were not painted on site but that is a long saga shared previously. :)

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So BM White Dove will look different in Advance than it would in Cabinet-Coat? Uggg - this gets harder and harder...

I Googled "BM Advance Yellowing" and found posts stating that there will be some yellowing because of the Alkyd in the paint - just not as much as a conventional alkyd. One post said "If a conventional alkyd yellowing were rated a 10 (worst) and a latex a 2 (it will yellow slightly), Advance would be a 4."

Babushka_cat - What is wrong with your current sprayed on finish? My understanding of Advance is that it levels so well you can't even see brush stokes, so I would expect a spray finish to be very smooth. Is this not the case?

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Cabinet Coat is still only available in lighter colors.
I've had some color matched, though, and I forget the exact amount it can be darkened but some can be done.

I didn't have any trouble with green tones, thank goodness. I'm having ... BLUE troubles! :) But it's not on my Cabinet Coated pieces.

I would only go with an oil based primer (which is different somehow than oil paint) and the acrylic that is Cabinet Coat. Just love the stuff. I'm so grateful I read all the rave reviews all over the place.

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My husband and I have been making our own cabinets so our bottom cabinets have been in for two years now. I used Advance color Linen White. The hood and two upper cabinets were just painted this January and there is no difference in the color. (The old cabinets are not yellowing.) I did not want to use oil because of the yellowing effect. I have four kids so they get dirty and wiped down with no problems!!!!! The cabinets are made out of poplar wood. I sanded, used the Advance primer and paint and love them.

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