Gray(ish) paints/open floor plan

BakergirlMarch 21, 2012


I am new to these forums, and originally posted this in the Paint forum. Now that I have discovered this one, I think it really belongs here. Sorry for the cross-post.

We are about to start a remodel that involves knocking down a kitchen wall. So, the kitchen will be open to the dining room, which is already open to a small foyer, which also is open to the living room. Right now, we have lots of warmer, traditional colors (reds, golds, greens) and I'm looking to go in a completely different direction.

The kitchen will have white cabinets, a white built-in seating area, darker gray floors, and a grantite called portofino blue (darker gray with some blue swirls in it). We are getting darker gray couches for the living room. I will be reupholstering the dining room chairs after I choose paint colors, and ditto with throw pillows for the living room and window treatments.

I'm really struggling with paint color. I'm thinking a silvery gray for the kitchen, a darker gray for the dining room, with white from the chair rail down, and a lighter bluer gray (more blue than gray) for the living room. The kitchen is the brightest of the three rooms; I'm assuming the currently-dark dining room will be brigher with the wall down and some new lighting. This sounds like an awful lot of gray to me, but I'm not sure what else to do with an open plan (right now the rooms that are open to each other are all some shade of beige).

If anyone has specific suggestions for paint colors--bonus points for Sherwin Williams--, I would love to hear them. I have samples of Jubilee and Samovar Silver, which look identical to each other in my house. They are ok, and possible contenders for the dining room. Thanks in advance!

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I don't have SW colour swatches, but like you, I'm concerned about it being too grey. One way to counteract this is to have some warmer accents. Think natural wood tables, gold picture frames, bamboo blinds, window treatments with warmer colours (orange and yellow look lovely with grey). I might also try to stick to 2 colours rather than 3 if you could.

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Have you considered some color? One shocking chartreuse or yellow wall?

You could also wait to choose a paint color until you have chosen fabrics. If you get some colorful fabrics you would need less color on the walls.

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Unfortunately, there is no waiting to choose paint; I have one week left. But yes, I definitely plan to add some bright colors. I have an accent wall right now, and I just don't love it as much as I do in magazines. I just remembered today that we got this very cool orange bowl for our wedding that has just been sitting in a closet for years, because it didn't match anything we have. It might be time to dust that thing off! I also love cobalt blue, which I think would look great in the kitchen, but probably not so great in the living room (probably clash with the blue I'm leaning towards--I tried a sample of Meditative today). I guess there are upsides and downsides to trying to do make over a big chunk of the house at one time: stress now, but less hodgepodge whem it's done. Thanks for the ideas so far!

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