Eating an apple....

juanitalJanuary 24, 2008

GS enjoying his snack...for some reason alot of these shots came out grainy...Used AP with window light on either side and I found out later when reading exif--400 iso w/spot metering...Any suggestions of possibilities why they came out noisy appreciated so I can avoid the results...


Olympus SP510UZ

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like them all but the second one is PRICELESS!! the juice is a beautiful touch! Few things are as precious as a content child, and he looks VERY content!

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In the first shot, there is a problem with color (white) balance and focus, otherwise the shot is very good. The fingers of the hand nearest the camera is going out of focus because the depth of field isn't great enough. The prime focus was on the face which was the better choice.

The second shot is great - no change recommended here.

The composure of the third shot is good. The problems are technical. The apple is not as sharp as it should be. This photo seems to suffer from compression of the digital file and that may have been due to the requirement to come under the 60KB limit for posting on this site. One would have to examine the original image to make a judgement on this. Possibly, the light source could have been moved up a bit to better light the top of the apple. A smaller aperature (resulting in slower shutter speed) would have increased the depth of field. Since this is a still-life shot, you could experiment with sacrificing shuuter speed (in steps) for smaller lens openings. This shot probably will stand shutter speeds as low as 1/30 sec.

The warm brown tone of the background is fine.

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Nice shots, I especially like number 2 and 3!

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Thank you Ashelton, Jemdandy(your input much appreciated) and thank you Joan....


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