earlybirdriJanuary 27, 2007


I've never posted on this forum before, but it seems like a helpful place. I'm wondering if it is necessary to keep 35mm photo negatives these days. With all the new scanning technology, they sort of seem like a waste of space to me. Yet I'm a little hesitant to throw them all away. Thanks for any advice.

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I keep old photographs and negatives, too. We have a scanner that scans and restores pictures and I have had some very pleasant surprises to see pictures that I haven't even known existed. I don't entirely trust the digital age and worry about archiving some of the pictures. Especially those of family, and babies that have grown up in the digital camera. It's just not the same as having a negative to fall back on. Having said that, I don't know if having your digital pictures printed by a photo shop would produce negatives, too.

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Thanks for your response. After nearly throwing them all away, I retrieved them and put them in a separate box. I think I'll get a fire proof box to keep them in in case anything ever happens to the photos. I'm not much of a photographer, but this is 20 years worth of pictures of my kids, parents, etc.

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