Dogs and homeowner insurance

carmen_grower_2007February 26, 2010

Does anyone have a list of dogs deemed dangerous enough to raise one's homeowner's insurance? My daughter is thinking about a boxer and I'm wondering if these dogs are family friendly.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I don't know if there is one specific list for all insurance companies, but my niece had to get rid of her beloved lab when there was an incident where the dog did some damage to a neighbor's property and the neighbor suggested my niece's homeowners insurance would cover it. Well, she submitted the claim and the insurance company made her get rid of her dog or lose her insurance. Be careful about submitting claims!!

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I know my insurance company asked me about what types of dogs I had when I got a new policy ... I remember pit's being on their list, but don't remember what others.

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Those rules change state by state and county by county and even city by city. She'll have to ask someone in insurance in her city to find out.

Boxer's are wonderful family dogs and are often good with children and other small pets. They can be kinda bouncy as puppies but once they mature they calm down a lot.

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The rules vary by insurance company too, I'd betcha. It's up to them what liability they want to assume, or how much you gotta pony up to get it.

As to the lab doing property damage and that insurance company telling them to get rid of the lab or their insurance. I'd have been on the horn immediately to get a new company and tell them to take a flying leap. I can understand an insurer being cautious over personal injury and dogs considered capable of it, but property is property and that claim was likely pretty minor. What a pity. I'd have also called an agent and asked 'what if?' before I'd submit a property damage claim.

Our insurance company has also started ? their customers as to what type of dog they owned. I had to fill it out for both my home and also a house I owned where a relative was living. BTW, they didn't tell you the magic no-no breeds before the fact. There was no list to go by.

For the record, I'd trust my DD's beautiful big ridgeback before I'd have trusted my mini schnauzer when it comes to inflicting injury. Ditto her GSD.

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It definitely depends on the insurance carrier. I've never heard of Boxers being an issue, though -- the more common ones are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Chows, and German Shepherds.

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I have 2 Rotties and have no problems with my homeowner insurance.

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Firt it depends on your insurance company - call and ask about their policy. Next pleaase do your homework altho boxers are wonderful dogs they have a number of genetically related health problems which can dramatically shorten their lives...which can lead to heartbreak...Get a good one. Good Luck

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It depends on the carrier. I have 3 huskies, a rottie, a lab, and a pomeranian with State Farm and they are fine with it.

You also have to check with the local city/county. Dade County, FL and Denver, CO do not allow pit bulls or mixes thereof. There are other cities as well. Also some military bases do not allow certain breeds or mixes.

Your daughter should carefully research any dog breed before getting one. Boxers are extremely prone to early death by cancer and to fatal arrhytmogenic cardiomyopathy, for example. If your daughter gets a Boxer, I'd for sure get pet health insurance too.

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I have always had pet health insurance and recently have been using it quite a lot. It was interesting when I was reading our policy to see how many things are excluded. Not only were hips and elbows excluded, but each breed had a list of excluded medical problems. Be sure and ask for these kind of details before you buy. Luckily, my mutts do not have problems that fall into these categories. I have been using veterinary specialists on an emergency-room basis lately and the insurance basically gives me back about a third of what I spent on this expensive kind of care.

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Smithblinkin just registered today, and by the information in the post I would guess it is an advertisement.

Carmen, if you are still checking this, we have a boxer that is a great family pet.

This is the first I've heard of dog breeds being an issue with homeowner insurance, but it would be sensible to check with the company first.

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