Cat eating the dog food

jwahltonFebruary 29, 2012

I have a cat that "adopted" me. When he was outside, he would eat the cat food, no matter what. But now that we have allowed him in the house, he is only eating my dog's food. Any suggestions?

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Feed your dog separately so that the cat can't access his food. Dog food does not contain enough protein and even more importantly, taurine, for cats. Taurine deficiency can cause cardiac disease and blindness in cats.


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I have tried that but Jerry doesn't eat his food, only when he is starving. He's a beagle! He only eats when I immediately put it down is if I mix it with wet food. This morning there was no dog food and I put cat food in Zumbo's dish. He went over, sniffed it, and walked away!

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What laurie said.

No one will stave, and without taurine, the cat will go blind.

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Canned foods are healthier for your animals, anyway, so why not just switch to canned so that they'll actually want to eat what you offer them?


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Two of my cats love dog food. Cats are fed up high away from dogs and every night when I give the dogs some wet food in their dry, two of my cats run over. I put a small teaspoon of the wet in a dish for them as a treat. No worries as that's only a tiny fraction of their diet. All of them eat Purina ONE and Beyond.

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I have the same problem with a couple of my cats, too, who are offered Wellness wet, but prefer the dog's dry (Fromm). I solved this by buying wet dog food and using it to make "gravy." I mix a small amt of dog wet with water to form the gravy and poor it over dog dry. The dogs will then eat their food right away at mealtime, instead of nibbling at it all day, so it's no longer sitting out all day and available to the cats. One suggestion tho, I store the wet dog in the fridge, of course, but take it out of the can and put it in a different cont'r. Seems like the can makes it gross after it's opened. I feed everyone at the same time, and the cat food is not available to the dogs.

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