Christopher Peacock

eshnycFebruary 28, 2014

Visited Peacock's showroom today and was pretty impressed. Prior to going their I thought it could be duplicated for less money but now I'm thinking not.

What do you guys think?

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I think it could be, but you'd have to live in the part of the country that charges less for labor. The walnut inside the cabs and the quality of the materials, may make it tough to be substantially below their price. I am always surprised that the materials cost doesn't seem to vary much from location to location -- a SubZero will cost the same from Nebraska as it does from Boston. Same goes for counter material and high quality wood. The cost range is not a big difference. Location does matter for things like architect's fees, contractors, permit fees, worker salary, etc.

The look however, can be duplicated, but you need to compromise on certain things. Peacock's old theme of a white kitchen has many imitators. You can get pretty close in look, but don't expect to execute it on a shoestring. You will save, but not a king's ransom :)

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Sophie Wheeler

You can get 85% of it for 100K, but it's that last 15% that makes the most difference and costs that extra 100K.

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It can be duplicated in hi end brands for somewhat less. QCCI has been offering walnut interiors for 3 or 4 years. Still pricey but less.

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If you're talking about cabinets IMO a good custom place could do it. One that does really high end work in your area. That said, I have no clue what Peacock pricing is since we went a totally different direction.

Other things that I saw on their site like pulls, details and whatnot (that last 15%) will make you crazy if you have to try and source equivalents on your own. Not that it can't be done but if you want to do it on your own you'll need a lot of time on your hands. As long as we spent on relatively simple things, like what species, dimension, and finish we're doing for flooring I couldn't imagine the time it would take to find equivalent quality and appearance for their hinges, latches and pulls.

Or, I'm sure if you posted a picture of some detail item you'd like to source someone out there on this board would know where to get it.

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There is really no comparison to a Peacock kitchen (in my opinion), just by using walnut interiors, offering merit hardware, fine paints of Europe, 1" thick doors etc is not going to cut it

I have been part of many kitchen builds, and yes I have been in the CP showroom many times trying to measure/sketch the various mouldings to get the right proportions....even tried taking several photos so that I could mimic the proportions etc

There is something different to what they design and build, no doubt about it...and the quality of the work is really stunning, only Mark Wilkinson compares in my opinion...

Sorry but I don't think the Quality Custom is playing in anywhere near the same league or game as CP...

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Christopher Peacock kitchens have been successfully duplicated by some to meet their standards of what they were looking for. Depending upon what makes a Christopher Peacock kitchen stand out to a particular person would decide how well the kitchen can be duplicated. While there are certain key elements as ajc71 has mentioned that may highlight the allure of a Peacock kitchen there are also other details that cannot get copied well enough for a discerning eye. The quality of a Peacock kitchen is very high however they too will fall victim to some of the same challenges that plague all kitchens. For instance I was in a Peacock kitchen on Dune road in the Hamptons; this particular house did not have central air for approximately 8 months. As a result of the climate changes you could see some seams starting to open. Now I am convinced this would have happened with just about any cabinet under these particular circumstances, I only bring this up to illustrate the fact that even the highest quality cabinets have their limitations. I agree with ajc71 that the quality of Mark WilkinsonâÂÂs products are also top notch. I would also throw Mick De GiulioâÂÂs hat in the ring as far as quality is concerned. I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of quality that I observed.

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Kennebec cabinetry is worthy of the CP comparison

Here is a link that might be useful: Kennebec cabinetry

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I'm not a fan of the repetitive 'X' pattern or the super-sized hardware, but I do like some of the kitchens. Do you have a picture of the one you're describing?

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"Sorry but I don't think the Quality Custom is playing in anywhere near the same league or game as CP..."
I disagree.

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