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NinapearlFebruary 22, 2012

little arnold ziffel, he has to be just about the funniest pet i have EVER had! he has a perpetual dirty nose because he spends every waking moment rooting for that last piece of popcorn he is just sure is buried in the sand!

i have discovered that unlike porkahontas, who prefers her pellets soaked just a little bit, arnold likes his meals made into a soupy gruel. i use warm water with a little cranberry or apple juice. arnold usually finishes first and then runs to her bowl to see if she left anything for him to clean up. mind you, she is still eating and like a polite pig, he doesn't push her around or try to get her away from her bowl, he just runs circles around her and squeals as if he hasn't eaten in months!

after they both finish, i fill their bowls half full with the rest of the warm water/juice mixture and they suck that down as if they have just traveled the desert and have found water for the first time in weeks. and then, it's nappy time...

i swear, i am almost afraid to touch him. i am afraid he will EXPLODE!! LOL

i am pretty sure arnold is dreaming of, what else...MORE FOOD!

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

He looks like Templeton of Charlotte's Web fame! Lol! What fun it must be watching those two! Thanks for sharing with us! :)


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Spoiled little piggies! Arnold doesn't have a care in the world snoozing away! How fun having pet pigs. Is this the same kind of pig that people keep in their houses or are they going to end up getting giant?

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Just wanted to say how happy I was to see another thread with pics of the pigs!
I came to this forum, specifically, to write you a thank you! Your posts always make me smile. Love, love, love the pigs! Is there anything cuter than Arnold and Porkahontis? And the goats. And the giant pups, too! ;)

Would love nothing better than to live the way you do..if I ever come into money...I would have animals all over the place! Seriously, I would love a bit of land zoned agricultural so I could do this. I'm so happy for you and those lucky, lucky creatures that you bring such joy and happiness to each other!

oh, and I have one teensy, tiny complaint. Ever since you posted about teaching Arnold not to bother your legs I've had that stupid M-O-V-E the pig in my head! and even though I didn't, actually, hear it, I find myself saying MOVE as MOOOOOOve ( long cow sound) the Pig! It's like when you get a song stuck in your head! And it isn't entirely your fault, either..I sometimes find myself saying this to one or another of my 2 pups when they are being stubborn and don't want to push over on the bed! 'Course, I instantly regret this.. because then it is like the stuck needle again!

Thanks again and keep the pics coming, please!!


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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Oh Nina, those pictures are adorable!!! They both are just so cute!!

And Arnold looks like you blew him up like a balloon!!! LOL Too funny!!

Thanks for sharing those pictures and keep 'em coming!!

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i'm so glad you enjoy the pics!

kittens, these are pot bellied pigs. they won't get huge like farm pigs but i really have no way of knowing how big they will get. their mother was bought at an auction and was already pregnant. no idea who the father is but i assume he is from a good neighborhood. ;)

sea, i wish everybody who wanted acreage and animals could have them. i wouldn't trade my mobile home out here for the biggest mansion on the hill!!! don't get me wrong...since i am a widow, it's a LOT of work keeping up my end of the farm. just when i get done with one project, another one pops up. to say the least, it has been challenging at times what with back surgery and not being allowed to lift anything over 30# (shhh, don't tell my doctor i fudge on that one). still, it's a wonderful life that i enjoy every waking moment.

i am so sorry about that moooooove the pig thing that you have stuck in your head. i don't know if this will help but yesterday, i let the goats and pigs out into the alfalfa field while i cleaned their pen. each time i got off of the tractor, arnold would run over to me, squealing with delight. i think he was telling me how much fun he was having since it is the first time they have been allowed outside the pen to roam. not only did he squeal at me and flop for belly rubs, he would occasionally ram his snout into my leg as if HE was playing mooooooove the MOM! :D

i will get more pictures soon. :)

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I should have used some sort of smiley.. I was only teasing about the "complaint". I'm glad Arnold had so much fun yesterday! Alfalfa, huh? That's funny cuz yesterday when you mentioned how much fun Arnold is and that he is so comical I immediately thought of my house bunnies. I don't have them anymore. And when I did I had my other dogs and the bunnies were there first so they all got along fabulously. Not that you can't introduce bunnies to a dog household, but my current dogs would chase them. But they were a lot of fun and smart, smart, smart. And as cuteness goes, it's very hard to beat a baby bunny! I had lops, although I started with non lops. Really, lots of kinds of bunnies. Some teensy, tiny, some just small. And a few large fat ones. Angoras, too Would have loved to of had a Flemish Giant. We had a bunny/bunnies in the house for over 20 years. Anyway, you would love having a house bunny, they are easily litter box trained and make a great and lovable pet. Just like pigs there are so many abandoned house bunnies needing a new, loving home. Anyway, bunnies love alfalfa.

I hear ya, on the mobile home thing. Wouldn't mind at all if I could have the land. But, oh my, now you have even more of my admiration.. Giant Great Danes in a mobile home? 3 Danes in a mobile home? Double wide, I hope ;)

I would so love to meet your critters!

Again, thanks for the smiles, Nina!


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Arnold is the cutest thing, it will be fun watching him grow up. I hope he stays little!

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sea, i knew you were teasing! ;) the only bunnies around these parts are wild ones and if they know what's good for them, they will stay on the OTHER side of the invisible fence!! nothing small is safe from bentley. *sigh* baby bunnies are the cutest things ever!!

i am down to 2 danes, lost my senior girl last summer at the age of 10. and nope, my home is 16' x 80', not huge by any means and not terribly conducive to dane zoomies. thankfully, when they are inside, pea and bentley spend most of their time sleeping. :)

i got a new toy yesterday...

i shut the dogs in the house, opened the gate to work around in the pig/goat pen and just let the critters wander. arnold didn't get far from the sweet feed i sprinkled in the lane...

porkahontas, on the other hand, thought rooting in the field was much more productive!

they had such a wonderful time!!

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Those pigs are extremely cute. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories!

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I found the other thread about mooooving a pig. I had read before that pigs were really smart but never new they did tricks! What great pets to have. I don't know how you keep up with them all, though. That tractor is going to help!

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Love the new toy, I'm jealous!! And of course, love the pig pics! They are just too cute!

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kittens, i have heard it said that pigs are smarter than dogs. the more i am around them, the more i am beginning to believe that! if you go to youtube and type in "pot bellied pig tricks", you will some some amazing stuff!

the pigs and goats spent quite a bit of time outside in the field today. when it was time for them to go in, i still had a little work to do. each time i stopped and stood still, arnold would run over to me and flop down at my feet for a belly rub. this went on for 30 minutes. he finally went to the barn and curled up in the straw for a nap.

pam, the new toy is already earning its keep! thankfully, they brought it to me with a full tank of diesel so i'm working on their dime for now. ;)

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Aw, your pictures are very heartwarming. I've always have a huge thing for pigs. That are great animals. My goal is to have one within the next few years. Adorable!

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Keep the pictures coming. They are precious. I am a vegetarian and this is one of the reasons why.

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