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tricia257February 20, 2013

I need to choose new lights (pendant over sink, esp.) and I'm having trouble because I really love interesting lights and I can't decide.

Also, I need a ceiling fan so I have to coordinate any possible light on the fan with the pendant over the sink. The only reason I would have a light on the fan would be to wash the ceiling with light as I already have lots of can lights that go down. I have an 8' ceiling and I think it looks "higher" if it's brighter.

My style is tradtional (farmhouse sink, raised panel cabinets), but hopefully not stuffy or boring. I think I'm too formal for the industrustrial type pendants.

The safest choice is probably the vintage light with white glass I could coordinate this with a white glass drum on the fan.

There are no clear glass fan lights that I like so If I choose the bell jar or the lantern the best I can do is pick a ceiling light and match the metal color.

My uppers will be white so I may be able to forgo the ceiling light?

I like the orbit light, but is it too weird for a kitchen sink light?

What light do you prefer and why?

I'm sorry if this is confusing and rambling but that is a reflection of where I am. I appreciate your input!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen light choices

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How about the look of these lights the pendant or the orb. Both have a modern flair but with the way its designed looks to me to be a cross of modern and traditional . The round glass one would give you the orb look you like. You can match the ceiling fan to the metal and use a white glass light on that you will have other white sink like in that picture or other white in kitchen. If you do not like the glass ones in this picture then I would have to vote for the traditional pendant light .

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I love the orbit!

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I just went thought this same thing! And I too have low ceilings. I am deciding between the same vintage Picolo light you posted (a bit more industrial) and a drum shade pendant (a bit more traditional). I think the orbit is intended for over an island or penninsula - might be a bit large for over the sink - you'd have to check the measurements. Also, light direction might be an issue for you with the bell jar, which will direct the light upwards as ambiance lighting versus downward for over the sink task lighting. I just went thought all of this which is the only way I know this stuff.

Oh the decisions! I feel like lighting can set the tone for the room and offer a bit of a personal style flair so I know what you mean about wanting to make sure you get something a bit different than the regular run of the mill lights.

Many of the lighting stores, like lightinguniverse and others offer live chat help. You can give them your measurements, ceiling height, where you want to put it and they will make suggestions. I've found a few nice options there. Also, don't rule out semi-flush mounts - with low ceilings they still hand slightly below and come in styles that you are looking at light the bell jars and such.

HTH - good luck!

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One last trick I meant to tell you about - that I actually read here a few months ago and thought was very clever...

Blow up a balloon - try and make it close to the diameter of the orbit light - and hang it from a string over your sink. In this case, it will work really well because it will be round like the orbit. See how you like it - It will give you a similar feel to what the light will look like there.

I used that trick to help me decide if I wanted two or three pendants over y penninsula a month back - and it worked perfectly. I went with three ;) Just still haven't found the lights yet and I've been on the hunt for the perfect pendant for weeks!

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Thanks for the tip about the balloon. I'll try that. great lighting really can make a room in my opinion.

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