Corner Storage Options and Symmetry....Need Help!!

bottlecrusherFebruary 23, 2014

We finally decided to go with the U-shape layout after evaluating all the great feedback we were given here! Now, we are getting stuck on corner options and could really use some help. Our goal is to maximize storage without compromising aesthetics. We do need space to store several small appliances (bread machine, grain mill, popcorn popper, juicer, waffle iron, etc.) and need ample storage for pots/pans. We have sketched out 5 different options (there are several more) for our kitchen based on corner options and we just don't know how to decide what is best. Super susans? Dead space? Symmetry? Easy Reach? Since I don't know how to post more than one picture, I will try to describe the layouts and just post one of the options here.

Option 1 (pictured): Range is centered with 35.5" drawers on each side. Corners would be blocked off (dead space).

Option 2: Same as Option one, but 12" pull out pantry next to fridge is removed and easy reach uppers are removed.

Option 3: Range is centered with 23.5" drawers on each side. Super Suzans in both corners.

Option 4: Range NOT centered. Super suzan in left corner and 23.5" drawer to left of range. 35.5" drawer to right of range then a blind corner unit.

Option 5: Range NOT centered with super suzans in both corners. Super suzan in left corner and 17" drawer to left of range. 30" drawer then another super suzan.

I can post more pictures if these descriptions are not adequate! We would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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I realized that image is difficult to read. Here is one more option.

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My initial reaction is #1 cause I love the symmetry and the big drawers... but. Can you access the dead space from the other side of the kitchen or is that an outside wall? And, will you have a place for the items that you listed if you don't do a corner spot?

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Are your drawings allowing for any spacers so that your corner drawers in option 1 don't open up into each other?

Are your cabinets being custom made to allow for those exact widths?

My first thought ... I would not want to give up the space that lower corner cabinets provide. I have one corner cabinet (easy reach) and while I don't get into it very often, I really utilize that space. I love symmetry, but need storage.

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I think I was one of the few in favor of the U in your original thread, but then I cook in one every day. I think it's important in a U that the stove be centered, so I didn't need to look any further than option 1 to see that it will work fine.

Someone posted the math here and found that two drawer bases in a corner have more storage than a Susan, so don't feel bad about not using the corners. I don't think you need to have seldom-used appliances hogging your prep/cooking zone cabs, so I'd consider making the pantry a 12" deep cabinet with shelves (and save several hundred dollars by ditching the pull-out). You could divide that cabinet up to hold brooms on one side, or have open shelves on the top for cookbooks and display items. Lots of ways to divide it and pretty it up. Or the cabinet by the fridge could have pull-out shelves, which some people like for small appliances.

I used the cabinet over the fridge for small lightweight appliances--ice cream maker, yogurt maker, electric steamer, popcorn popper. I find it to be very useful deep storage. Many use it for cookie sheets and trays, but that wastes some space in the back. My heavy crockpot and waffle iron are in a bottom drawer.

I don't like diagonal uppers--first, they look dated, as is staggering the height, which I see in your notes. Why would you want to draw attention to a big box in a corner? However, some have small glass doors and they can be pretty, though hard to get into. The diagonals also put more cabinet in your face while in your prep zone, and I have read that stuff gets lost in the deep cavern.

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How about a variation on your second drawing? Put a Super Susan in the right-hand corner, and close off the left one, with bigger drawers on each side of the corner (as jellytoast mentioned, you need room for those drawers to open). Your range is still centered, which is the biggest symmetry factor (IMO). I have a 24" drawer stack, and it isn't really big enough for pots and pans. My 34" stack is perfect!

I put small appliances in my super susan - rice cooker, mixer, waffle iron, crock pot, toaster, as well as colanders (mine is near the sink).

I would use easy-reach on the uppers, in any case. Some people make great use of lasy susans in diagonal upper cabinets, but I think easy reach gives you more flexibility.

I like your cabinet to the left of the fridge in the first drawing - but I think I'd put on doors, so it opens into the walkway. I have such a cabinet, and it's perfect for cookbooks, water bottles - and I love that the shelves are adjustable. It also encloses the fridge nicely. Mine is deep enough for my bread maker (and it fits much better on a rectangular shelf than it would on a round Susan).

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I think I mentioned the Hafele corner pullouts in your other thread. They allow you to use the corners but not steal from the drawers flanking the range.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafele

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robo (z6a)

Thought I would throw the costco corner in there as an option - if you did a blind corner cabinet on one side, you could do this. This depends on having tall or bulky stuff stuff you'd like to put in a cab. I happen to have a few tall things so it works for me.

I wasn't convinced on having a whole 3" of filler on each side of the corner, until I saw my frameless cabinets installed. 3" of filler now looks about right once you eat up space with overlay door and hardware.

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Great feedback so far! Thank you! First to answer a couple questions...I won't be able to access the dead space. If we go that route, the dead-space will be truly dead! I was aware that some spacers would be needed for the corner drawers to open, but I wasn't sure how much. This is why one of the drawers is labeled 27-30". Is 3" the proper amount I should plan for? I will be using custom cabinets, so that is not an issue. I use most of my small appliances at least weekly, so I definitely need storage for them. I think some things can fit it drawers, though, but the taller items would be a problem for drawers. I never thought of using the 12" pantry pull-out space for appliance storage, though. Making that into shelves or putting doors on it that open toward the isle is a great idea. Does anyone have any pictures of either of these ideas?? Also, the hafele corner pull-outs are also an option...they look a little awkward but could definitely make use of some of that dead space. Does anyone use one of those...are they worth the $$?? Thanks again for all the input!

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Another important is it for the window/sink wall to be symmetrical? We are adding that window in, so the size and location of it are adjustable. Most of my focus has been on the corners because that drives most of the layout, but the sink run can also change. Thanks!

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Either layout is nice but I prefer the 2nd one or a variation of the 2nd one. I love my Lazy Susans and I would want to have Super Susans in both lower corners. I also think the less wide drawers will be easier to fill up without worrying about being too heavy. My drawers are going to be almost 36" wide also unless I add a small cabinet or drawers next to the big drawers. I would like 30" wide drawers but then I do not know what I would do with the 6" of extra space so I may be stuck unless I go back to a cabinet again with pull-outs. So that is my opinions but both designs are nice. If you decide to go with option 1, maybe sure you get the heavier blum guides (not sure of the exact spelling) to handle any extra weight.

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" ... Another important is it for the window/sink wall to be symmetrical?"

bottlecrusher, only you can answer that question. To me, it was extremely important. I added a big window and wanted the sink centered under that, so I put those two things on paper first and designed the rest of the kitchen around it.

There are a number of GW threads on asymmetrical vs. symmetrical layouts and opinions are split.

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Yes, 3" for corner spacers.

Hafele has an excellent reputation for quality. You could probably find some posts about them in old threads.

You should search Houzz for photos of cabinetry on the side of the fridge, or ask here in a new post.

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