Since you guys were so much help before...

ernietdDecember 18, 2010

I have another question. Or rather, two questions.

You all kindly pointed me to instructions on painting kitchen cabinets. I will follow those to the letter, but...The instructions call for latex paint. I have always been under the impression that oil is better. Is that true? I sort of like the smell of oil, so that's not a problem

Also, I want to put a soapstone counter on top of the cabinets therefore, I have to wait to paint till I pick my soapstone. How long can I wait between priming and painting? Days, Months, years.


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In a kitchen ... days is best because the inevitable kitchen grunge builds up and you need to prep all over again.

Soapstone pretty much comes on one color - dark grey/black with white veining so you can pick paint without waiting like you need to for granites.

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Oil is NOT really better anymore. light/white-ish colors, Alkyds WILL yellow/amber a bit. Moreso in northern climes where it's darker longer at night.
Lack of UV light causes this. There's just no way of altering it.

Therefore, I'd use a top-notch Latex paint, or the newer Waterborne Alkyds, which typically level real nice...assuming proper prep, application tools/methods, etc.
FPE's ECO-series paint, or the Eurolux Satin or Gloss for ultimate look. NOT kidding on this!


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Sorry I didn't say thanks earlier, Christmas season!!

Thanks for the help!! I hadn't been thinking about kitchen grunge, lazygardens, are you one of my neighbors? Have you seen my kitchen and been appalled?

faron79--I had no idea at all about yellowing! Gosh, there is just so much I don't know!

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I used BM Aura paint, one coat of primer and two coats of the Aura. I'm so glad I used it. It cleans so easily and holds up beautifully. It's latex.

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