yeasty skin on yorkie

shr51February 27, 2014

For years now, my sweet dog has suffered with horrible skin allergies. We have tried everything, even dog derm., shots, etc. He lost most of his hair at one time, but it did come back. He was diagnosed with thryoid condition about a year ago and I believe that was why hair and skin got better for a while. My question is, has anyone tried the virgin organic coconut oil for their dogs? I have just started to use this and heard it can be really good.

new here too,

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The best thing would be to put him back on his thyroid medicine;
it isn't (or at least it once wasn't) very expensive.

Coconut oil sounds good, but I'd research it a little before I put it on him.

The best stuff I ever used for assorted skin problems was a mange remedy called Happy Jack that you can get at the feed store.

It smells like sulphur, & you have to keep shaking it to keep it from separating, but that stuff works.

I saw it just the other day, seems like it was $6 or $7 for a bottle, so I'd get the thyroid medicine instead.

Best luck.

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I had a dog once who had a constant, smelly skin condition and tried everything the vet suggested from topical ointments, to special shampoos. It was chalked up to allergies for a long time until one of my vets suspected it was a chronic, bacterial infection. His skin just seemed to go rank and slough off. When he was treated for this, it finally cleared. I don't remember what he prescribed, but it seemed to clear him up and we didn't have much problem with him after that. It made me feel so bad to think how long he suffered with it before we got a handle on it.

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I have a yeasty German Shepherd. She was fine up until I had her spayed and vet gave her meds she was allergic to. She almost died. They had her on several antibiotics and she wasn't herself anymore afterwards. She started itching and chewing on herself to the point of bleeding. Her once beautiful fur became very sparse and dry. I had to put a cone on her to keep her from chewing the fur off of her tail and hind legs.

I noticed the yeast but didn't know what it was for the longest time. I even asked a vet what the orange greasy stuff that coated her fur was, but he didn't have any clue (which I still find very hard to believe). Finally figured out it was yeast after watching a youtube vid and understood that this what was causing her to itch like crazy.

I tried all kinds of remedies- special shampoos, vitamins, special oils (but not coconut) and changed her diet which seemed to help a bit. I noticed that she seemed to have a lot of problems with diarrhea and I began to wonder if all those antibiotics messed up her stomach. She was constantly eating grass in the yard and walking around for a good bit of time to poo.

So I decided to start feeding her yogurt and this has made all the difference in the world. I give her Dannon plain yogurt- not the lowfat kind though. Her fur is beautiful again. She goes to the bathroom like normal, done in a wink and stands in one spot. She still has yeast issues but nowhere near as bad. A year and a half trying all kinds of things that didn't really help and now after just a couple of months of yogurt she is almost back to normal.

I give her a couple of tablespoons in the morning and the same at dinner. Does your dog have digestive issues?

Here is the link to the video that helped me:

I wish you lots of luck- I know how upsetting something like this is!

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That is a good idea, about the yogurt. It won't hurt and it certainly could help with gut flora. My vet has recommended it on occasion after an animal has had antibiotic regimen.

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