I think my cat has ibs

chocolinkcatFebruary 28, 2013

I understand you guys can't tell whether he may have it or not because I would have to speak to a vet but none really help so far and I need your view on it.

I got my kitten when he was small because his mother didn't want him. When the weaning stage came, his poop was watery and I tried everything but no cat food seem to help and the watery poop just kept going, at times he would run around and his butt would just be leaking so he spent the majority of his kitten life in a cage due to his watery stool and about the time that he turned 6 months the stool became firm. Keep in mind that I tried changing his food but the only food that stuck well with him was merrick wet food, I have never tried to give him dry food because that would only worsen the problem. Anyways at 6 months he had firm stool for the first time. I was happy but then things went down hill because he started getting constipated and had enema done to him once. I have given him lactulose, mineral oil, miralax, milk, and so on and everything works until a certain amount of time and then he starts crying when he poops. His poop is not hard, its firm but I mean as a baby kitten, he pooped fine and then weaning came and everything went from non stop loose stool to firm constipatedness? I have read that constipation usually leads to ibs or megacolon but from your opinion, perhaps someone has a cat that has had this same problem? my cat is almost 8 months and he is nuetered. i have done xrays but the vet tells me that his poop is not hard, she has given him w/d hills wet food. It only worked for 2 days and he is crying, he is pooping but I know he will get constipated. Perhaps I need to change wet cat food, if so please tell me which was the best options. Please I am worried and I have gone from vet to vet and all of them just don't give me the answers I want.

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I'm so sorry for your sick kitty, I cant believe the vets cant help you, I dont have any answers for you other than maybe trying a food for sensitive systems, if you keep changing his food thats not a good thing either. I'm sure others will have better advice for you. Good Luck with your precious fur baby..

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Has the vet tested for parasites, especially giardia? Also, has he had a blood panel done?
I think more testing needs to be done since x-rays can only tell you so much.
IF he checks clean for parasites and other potential problems, then I'd start playing with his diet by feeding a quality canned food without any additives, wheat or grains.

Check the link below for more diet info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat food

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well i dont change his food alot and when i do I make sure that the transition is tolerable for his system, I will get blood work done but he has no parasite, but I am wondering can kitten loose stool turn to present constipation and cries of pain when pooping.

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