Problems w/ sanding painted wood

bobby1973December 8, 2013

Hi folks - I'm in the process of refinishing a painted wood end table. I had to use a belt-sander to remove the top coat of paint as well as the underlayer of original stain. I want to get down to bare wood so that I can ultimately re-stain the top a different shade. The problem that you can see in the attached photo is that only portions of the wood grain can be seen. What's happening in the other areas where the wood grain is not showing? Do I need to sand more in those areas? Did I sand too much in those areas? Those areas seems to feel 'fuzzy' as well, which I know sounds weird. The portions where you can see the wood grain feel hard. I would great appreciate any feedback that readers can offer me. Thank you so much!

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Are you sure that you aren't sanding a veneer piece and that you didn't just sand through the thin layer of real wood and expose the glued crap underneath?

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paint guy is onto something, the photo looks like its sanded thru spots in a veneered table.

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This is something that I was definitely fearing might be true. I initially used an orbital sander and then a random orbital sander in an attempt to remove the old paint. But the paint didn't budge. That's when I switched to the belt sander. That stripped the paint off alright, but it's also possible that it stripped off the thin layer wood on top, assuming it is indeed a veneer end table. I think what I'll do is use a sanding block with coarse paper and sand along those monotone brown areas to see if there's wood grain underneath. If there is, I'm in good shape. But what if I did in fact sand through a veneered piece? The only thing I can think of is to cut a thin board of wood to size and place it 'over the existing table top and glue them together. Then once I stain it, hopefully it will look seamless. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if I maybe have other options to consider.

Thanks kindly!

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