Clavamox question

haldFebruary 27, 2012

My Westie is 18 1/2 years old. He was prescribed 250mg Clavamox twice a day and also Metacam and Tramadol.

My question is about Clavamox and the 3 drug combination. The insert recommends a dosage of 125mg Clavamox based on his weight, yet the dosing instructions the vet gave me are double (250mg). How concerned should I be? I've read the wiki etc. and I've taken a human form of this myself, and I consider it pretty safe.

The combination of 3 drugs is a big sudden load on his system and I'm worried about liver damage and other side effects. He's basically been a very healthy dog all his life, and if he gets through this I would expect probably at least another 6 months of daily walks and long naps. I'm very worried. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I would call the vet in the morning and ask if the dosage is correct and why is it 250 vs 125 mg.

Vets, like others in the medical profession, can make mistakes.

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What condition is your vet treating with that drug combination?

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He was bit by a brown dog tick that caused an abcess that needed surgery. I called the vet and asked the questions. Maybe it's different for other people, but here it's like they act insulted if you ask questions, or maybe they're too afraid of being sued. It's just like at the regular doctor's in that they put you through their system like a "process" and at the end you have a little paper work that doesn't tell you much.

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By all means, call the vet and get it clarified. I call if I have any questions at all concerning medications or treatments I need to do at home. I don't care if they find it annoying because to me it indicates that they didn't take the time to do proper discharge teaching. Have you checked the tablets to see what strenght they are? They come in different strengths, and if their dispensary didn't have the appropriate strength, they may be doubling the number they are telling your to give. It needs clarified no matter what transpired.

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To clarify my original post\question - the tablets I was given are 250mg and the insert says the recommended dose based on my dog's weight is 125mg. I called the vet and the person I talked to would only say I should give my dog the 250mg tablet twice a day that the vet prescribed - the 250mg is what the vet prescribed and meant is what I was told. When I asked about the combination of meds I was lectured and told I wasn't a vet and shouldn't be asking.

I am concerned since the clavamox is double the recommended dose per the insert, that is why I posted a question here. I've yet to find a vet in my area where they don't act insulted if you ask a question or want clarification. They have an imperious attitude and treat and talk to you like you are a moron.

The written discharge instructions just say to give the clavamox and other meds as prescribed. It doesn't say anything about the dosage or any complications to watch for and the vet, the vet techs, and the one I talked to on the phone didn't say anything about it and were pretty rude too. I don't know how to clarify this more. They are horrible to deal with, but they are all that is locally available.

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I'm sorry to hear you are in that situation, but you still did the right thing by calling. You doubtless paid enough to be treated with a little respect when you ask questions, and you shouldn't have to feel like you need to ask questions on-line when they should make you feel welcome to call in.

If switching vets isn't an option, then the next time you are in a room ALONE with one of the vets, tell him that the attitude of whomever is answering the phone is totally rude and off-putting and discourages good communitcation between his clients and himself and one day it will put an animal at risk if clients are intimated to the point they are hesitant to even ask a question. Never mind if he is just as rude, it might sink in they are doing themselves a dis-service.

I have been known to ask service personnel if they are normally that rude or if they had to have training in it. LOL. I'm an ex-nurse and I know how very important communication is between the practitioner and patient. Having good understanding with shared goals is absolutely critical. If they can't grasp that, you need to tell them. Sounds like it won't hurt what is already a poor relationship, and it might help.

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I would still call back and ask to speak to the vet. If the front desk gives you the run-a-round, stand your ground on speaking to the vet. If you end up on voice mail, then leave a message so the vet can return your call........and make sure you say that you need to speak to him, not his staff.

Like you, I would be concerned if my senior dog was put on a high dose of Clavamox because it caused nausea and vomiting in some of my previous dogs. IMO, your vet should be doing a followup to see how your dog is doing since most of the vets I've used always do so. Especially on a dog that's had surgery!
Why do they have your dog on Metacam and Tramadol.....2 drugs used for pain? Does he still have pain at the surgery site, or joint pain?
I completely understand your concern about all three drugs at this time. Just keep telling yourself you're the one paying for their services, and you definitely deserve some answers.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What annz said. My vets are ALWAYS available but I might have to carry my cell phone around with me all day waiting for a call back. They do not dismiss my concerns.

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Clavnamox is just an Antibiotic~ that being said, A higher dose is not going to hurt the dog~ It my well be necessary to fight the infection caused by the tick bite. The dogs body will use what it needs and pass the rest out in its urine. The only side effect I have seen if 7 years with a vet is Diarrhea. That is a lot of unnecessary pain meds. Some Remadyl would be much more helpful to the dog as it is an anti inflammatory and mild pain reliever. You have a right to ask if the meds are right or wrong! They should not treat you as if you a stupid! It is your dog, so your concerns are valid.

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did you say what your dogs weighs? I have to agree that 250mg seems excessive for most Westies (average a bit under 20 lbs)... is yours a massive dog?..., though indeed the double dose is probably not dangerous. But even if not dangerous, doubling the dose is rarely indicated. I suspect some error was made and I would not hesitate to call and ask. In the practice I work in (asnd I am sure all hospitals), mistakes are made now and then, and they all need to be pointed out ASAP. Perhaps it was not the veterinarian's error, but whoever filled the medication? In the mean time, you can cut those pills in half and give half twice a day. Just cut them one at a time as that drug tends to deteriorate quickly once it's removed from its foil pouch. If you do decide to cut them, put the remaining fraction back in the foil and cover it over for use later.

But it is important that you point this out to hospital. Had it been the Metacam that was accidentally doubled, that could have been much more serious.

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My Westie is 22 lbs. I know, but he is pleasantly plump, kind of like his owner. And at his age eating is one of his biggest pleasures.
I didn't give the metacam because he didn't seem to be in much pain after the surgery,there was little to no swelling, and also because the tramadol I gave 2 times a day made him sleep all the time. The number of tramadol tablets they gave me also puzzles me. There must be at least 30 left over. He hasn't had pain in several days so I stopped giving them. I made him stay home the first few days while me and the other dogs went for our walk. He insisted on walking with us and has done fine, considering his age - he walks usually about 1/2 mile then gets tired and let's me know it's time for me to carry him for awhile. This is normal and has been this way for over a year.
Thank you for the followup posts because I have been very worried. As I said earlier he has always been a very healthy dog, and I would hate for something like this to do him in.

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Glad to hear he is doing well. I know what you are saying about the number of pills in 'as needed' medications. I don't think I have ever needed as many as dispensed with my animals either. I suppose they figure if you would run out in off-hours it's easier to give you more to cover it initially than put you in a situation where you don't have any when you need it. I sometimes mark and save common ones like pred or benedryl or those I know are shelf-stable like clinidrops. Sometimes when I have a situation where the vet can't see an animal immediately they'll ask me if I have those particular meds on-hand and if I do, will tell me to use them.

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