son peeing on mama!!

vieja_gwFebruary 22, 2011

One of our Min-Pins can't be let outside when his mom goes out to pee: he will go up to her while she is 'busy', lift his leg & pee on her! Any idea why he does this? He doesn't do it to his papa or his big female pal the German Shepherd! Also- though all are neutered- the tiny 8 lb. female Min-Pin will sometimes go up to one of the dogs (or us!) & put her butt in their faces ... or our face! The vet said she might have had a bit of ovary tissue left after being spayed & still may have cycles occasionally though sterile?

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I know that my "boy" pees on his sister because he's trying to pee over her pee to leave his "scent" on top, but just can't wait for her to get out of the way first. He's extremely alpha and always goes around and pees over top of where any other dog has gone. He is sometimes in such a hurry to do that he doesn't wait for them to finish. Maybe something like this is going on with yours?

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that may be what he is doing ...! He doesn't do it to the other three dogs though. Poor mama dog has to have frequent baths because of this habit of her son!

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he is marking yourself a dominant dog there. PS - if he is still intact you might want to take care of that asap...good luck

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no, all of our dogs are neutered & the only one he pees on is his mother & not the other female the German Shepherd.. though he will try & mount her at times!

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