Any reviews on Clark & Kensington?

lkgarn00December 29, 2011

My local Ace Hardware has sold BM paint for years but with the new machinery costs they have switched to a brand called Clark & Kensington. From the information on the web, it looks to be an Ace brand that has primer and paint in one. Has anyone used this yet? I am looking for trim paint to use that is NOT gloss or semi gloss. I am in a rural area and the next closest paint store is over an hour away.

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Aaaahhh yessss-

I know this well!

It's the new ACE paint, to be sold alongside the "normal" ACE-Royal brand. Yes...ACE finally joined the "P & P" bandwagon. They took their dear old time developing this one.

It's a Ceramic-microsphere based paint. Like all the others out there, it's "not really" a SEPARATE primer that's magically in the can!!
>>> The new film forms a slightly "tighter/denser" film...THAT ACTS LIKE a primer ACE points out on the label that there ARE a few instances when separate priming IS called for.

I've worked at a busy ACE for many years now, and know their stuff well. Some dealers were kinda "rolling-their-eyes" when they heard this was coming out....

It IS a good can of paint though!!


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That's actually funny. I was in an Ace the other day and the clerk there pointed that stuff out and gave me the whole 'primer in the can' schtick. I wasn't wearing my painters attire. I am sure you must have to approach homeowners differently than painters when dealing with this new marketing mess that all paint makers seem to be pushing now. I rolled my eyes and he noticed. I really feel sorry for some of these paint store clerks that have to peddle this nonsense to people that actually understand paint, and then turn around and have to sell it to some homeowner. I guess this is why you need 2 hats.

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Well, I bought a quart of the C & K paint to see how it does on the trim. The Ace manager promised me that if I didnt like it he would buy it back and replace it with something else. I plan on painting the trim tonight so I will report back on how it does.

I am painting over paneling but have already primed separately so this will not be a true test of its "priming" ability. I have used the Ace cabinet and trim paint before so I hope it is as good.

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I only recently had to buy paint. I went to Ace Hardware as usual and was surprised they switched brands. But I bought a color very similar to the exising color in the bedroom to be painted. This bedroom is 11x12. I found the Clark-Kensington to be terrible. It didn't cover in one coat even though the shades were very close. It ran and in places where I needed to use a brush for trim it needed three coats.

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We've had lots of good feedback on the C + K paint from ACE.
Complaints about it since it came out?
(and we've gone thru several hundred gallons by now...)

(please re-read my earlier post above too...)

As I repeatedly state on this site....
>>> there is no such thing as a separate primer-resin mixed in with the paint-resins If you were to ACTUALLY mix, say, Zinsser123 primer with an actual PAINT, do ya know what you'd have?
A mess.
Don't believe me? Try it!

This is PURELY a Marketing creation started by Behr just a few years ago.
This primer/paint-combo "advertising" is IN PRINCIPLE, the same as saying-
"Try our new Cake & Frosting in ONE!!"


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

First of all, you don't need a primer unless the substrate is in poor condition, stained, etc.

Clean and dull and you're good to go with two full coats of quality acrylic enamel.

Two coats of C&K with or without primer, will cover just as well as any other paint of comparable quality. Whether it's SW, Behr, ICI, etc.

Professional looking paint jobs are usually done by professionals. :)

Yes, preparation is vital if you want a gorgeous wall. However, so is quantity. DIY'ers would gasp if they knew how much paint a pro applies to a sf of wall.

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