Need help - what's darker than Pittsfield buff?

lizatgarDecember 4, 2012

I need to select paint colors for my new build - what a pain! I really love the color Pittsfield buff, it's a yellow-cream. However it may be too light for the two-story great room - I guess I need something darker there to make it feel cozier. Is there a color that's the same tone as Pittsfield buff but darker? Thanks!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Go to Ben Moore Color Gallery and search for Pittsfield Buff and then look at the details...they will offer up shades and color combos.

But be aware that pittsfield buff has a green undertone to it. If you want something less green, try powell buff which works nicely with the darker wilmington tan. I used WT on the walls in my family room and the powell buff on the ceiling.

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Thank you Annie! I do have a sample of Wilmington Tan which I painted a board with. It is a nice tan in daylight, but somehow at night it looks a little mustard greenish. I like your photo, which looks yellow-gold and that's what I want. I just don't know why my WT sample has the green undertone. And my Pittsfield Buff sample does not have as much green... I got my sample from Lowes, they are Valspar paint with BM colors, since I live too far away from any BM stores. Could it be that their color is not that accurate?

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Annie Deighnaugh

It could be, or it could just be how the paint color looks in your room.

I have the same paint color on the walls in my DR as on the ceiling in my library and yet they look like 2 completely different's all how the light hits it.

So it's best to put a sample up on the wall and see how you like it.

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I just put up SW Ivoire in my house (which is perhaps somewhat like a lighter version of BM Powell). Ivoire had a less green undertone than Pittsfield Buff on the sample boards I painted (I did paint a board in Pittsfield Buff and rejected it as it looked more murky in tone than Ivoire).

Ivoire still looks mustardy-green at night. If it can look mustardy-green at night, it might seem that Pittsfield Buff and Powell Buff may do the same thing - depending on your lighting. Or they may be just perfect.

I realize that you are not looking at Ivoire, but if it could have strong greenish undertones at night, then Pittsfield Buff could well also look rather green if painted all over. My best advice would be to paint a really large area. I painted only test patches of Ivoire on my wall and it was looking more apricot. Then the entire house was painted and at night it has a green undertone.

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