Are Smaller Rollers Better/Easier to Use Than regular ones?

chuehDecember 4, 2010

The painters in almost all the HGTV shows I watch use the smaller rollers (smaller in diameter; same width) for painting jobs. I wonder why??? It seems to me that it would take more effort to use these smaller rollers, because they have to go back and forth more times.

Are smaller rollers better or easier to use? Or there are other reasons?


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Smaller rollers are lighter and easier to control and a good choice if your upper arm strength is weak, which is the case with many women.

My experience is that smaller diameter rollers are too small to be effective on full walls, but work well in tight areas. such as painting around kitchen cabinets. For full walls, the ideal roller for me is the 7-inch standard diameter roller.

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I see. Good explanation. Thanks

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