Diaper rash cream okay to use on dogs???

msbattJanuary 2, 2009

My furbaby has a rash on her tummy that she won't stop licking. It looks like a yeast infection, which diaper rash cream cures quite well---but of course, she'll continue to lick it. Will the cream hurt her if she swallows it? It's mostly zinc oxide.

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Yes it is dangerous if the pup can lick it. I use diaper rash for my bullies face folds but she can't lick it. I believe my vet says its poison if they lick it. I would use an antibacterial or antifungal flush, such as malaseb. This way there won't be much for her to lick.

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Time to go to the vet to see what sort of infection it really is, so you can get the proper treatment.

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Ok, here's the deal. It is a weekend and your baby needs help.

Can you post a pic?

Rashes can be mysterious. If it's not better after the following suggestions, you need to take her to see the vet:
What I would do is take a T-shirt-size to fit. Either cut out the middle part in the back and take the 2 longer bottom pieces & tie them on top of her back so the t-shirt is closer to the belly and she won't step on it. Figure it out. If she's a small breed you can get some baby clothes from a second hand store. That's what I do.

Anyway, anything that the dog licks is not good for them. The T-shirt should protect her from licking. You may have to re-apply the cream more often, because it may get rubbed off. Just make sure the t-shirt is not too close to her rash. It can hang down a couple of inches from the belly.

Now, for the treatment."IF" it's just a rash,you can try your remedy. It shouldn't hurt her, providing she wears the t-shirt over the area. I've used baby powders which contain Zinc Oxide. My dog was fine. There also is Clotrimazole Cream 1% over the counter-for yeast and fungus. It's used for people and pets. If the rash gets worse, wash it off.

If it's a dry , or an irritated type of a rash, you can try Aveeno SHOWER and BATH OIL (blue top bottle ONLY). That particular one works the best out of all Aveeno products.It's an oatmeal based wash, which soothes dry or irritated skin. It won't hurt them. Wash for 5 min, rubbing it in a bit. Rinse most of it (not all of it).

That's the best you can do over the weekend. Good luck. Let us know how she does.

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What food do you give? Grainy dog foods can lead to hot flashes,rashes and hair loss.

Good dog foods are Innova EVO, Ziwi peak,Orijen,Instincts,Barking at the moon,

Raw diets are also very good.

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most of the time, it's a staph infection so anti-fungals won't help. Also steroids reduce immune system response, so I try to avoid them when possible. However being the weekend it won't hurt to use a topical steroid cream to help keep her comfortable and to reduce further skin damage caused by excessive licking. Then of course, on Monday, off to the vet.

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A diet change may be the best course of action. mom has a dog, shadow that had an itchy butt, she had ol roy then, now she eats EVO,or Orjen- as you can see, big difference in quality of the food..

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Try switching to a better pet food like natural balance, and be sure your dog is not in contact with a newly cleaned carpet or a treated lawn

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Natural balance is mid-way, grains cause the issues you are discribing, GRAIN FREE if possible.

hope all goes well.

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What grains are in Natural Balance?

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Never use zinc oxide solutions on a dog where the dog could lick it off. It is common for dogs to have serious side effects from doing so (Zinc Toxicosis). Next time if you can't get to a vet right away give some oral benedryl.Ask your vet now (so you know in the future) how much would be safe per weight of your dog. I always have Benedryl on hand in my doggie first aid kit.

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For those who want to know---my vet okayed the use of diaper-rash cream, and she was fine the next AM. One application was all it took, and 2-3 days later you'd never know she'd had a rash.

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My dog recently had bad skin irritation on her belly and the inside of her hind legs (very dry and flaky, and also red and raw). I first tried A&D ointment, but that only helped a tad. Then I took her to the vet and he gave me a special shampoo which worked wonders. If anyone wants to know the name, I'll be happy to write it here when I get home. Anyway, it's some sort of shampoo for excema (sp?) type conditions. He thinks she got it from some type of irritation (she leaks urine on herself occasionally and also drags her back end due to paresis, so it's probably from that).

My main point is that he also said to use a light cream such as Cetaphil or Eucerin. And it is not bad for them to lick it.

She's 100% better now. So if anyone is having dry skin or irritated skin issues with their dog (especially with this cold weather), try Cetaphil or Eucerin.

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