Beware : Dutch Boy Ceiling Solution Paint

bobntessDecember 30, 2010

Just an FYI on Dutch Boy Home Ceiling Solution tinted Bright White flat paint. This is the type with the disappearing dye that supposedly keeps you from missing any spots while you paint.

This is easily the worst paint product I have ever used. It took 4 gallons to cover 400 sq. ft. of kitchen ceiling and it still looks terrible. The paint seemed to almost dry on contact leaving distinct lines and shaded areas where you can see overlaps. It has also began to peel in several areas. The paint was applied to a well prepared ceiling that had a primered patch where a wall was removed.

I began to question my painting abilities, room temp, and anything else I could come up with as to why it came out so bad. While trying to figure out what to do about the ceiling I decided to go ahead and paint the walls. What a difference! I used Kilz Casual colors Satin and it went on without issue. 1 coat covered everything including the wall patch.

I painted this entire house when built 25 years ago and re-painted several times since and never had any paint issues like this. I will be writing the Dutch Boy company about this.

By posting this, I hope I can save someone the hassle I've gone though...stay away from this paint!

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Thanks for the info. Bobntess.

Was this bought at a Menards?
What kind of pricepoint were they at?

I know ACE has had a "photo-reactive" dye Ceiling-paint as well...for at least 6 yrs. now, and I haven't heard any negatives about it anyway. We go thru a fair amount of it too!


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The paint was purchased at Wal-Mart for $17/Gal.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do about fixing the mess on my ceiling. I think I'll scrape the peiling areas, re-prime them and go with another type of paint, probably just a flat wall paint.

I did read another post here that mentioned problems with the Dutch Boy ceiling paint....too bad I didn't find that post before I used the paint.

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Update: I contacted DB on the paint issue and they agreed to reimburse the full price on the paint but that's it. Now I'm stuck trying to remove the blistered areas, patching them, and repainting the entire ceiling.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me. I did everything right to start off with - brand new sheet rock primed with One Coat primer then started rolling on this ceiling paint with a good quality half inch roller. What a mess! I even tried putting on a second coat with an additive to slow drying time and hide roller marks. Still streaky and uneven sheen. Finally decided it had to be something with the paint so I bought some Pittsburgh Grand Distinctions Flat base paint (not tinted) and one coat covered beautifully! You can still see some of the overlapping marks from the Dutch Boy junk but it's 100% better than it was. I'll be contacting Dutch Boy too. DO NOT USE THIS PAINT FOR YOUR CEILING!!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting


you would be wise not to use it for you're doghouse either

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I Used db for ceiling and have nothing but problems.Don`t waste your time or money on db ceiling paint.

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I got fooled by Consumer Reports one year and bought Kilz wall paint because it was rated #1. At $21. a gallon I thought I would save a lot of money over BM. What a huge mistake - my walls were a mess and it took multiple gallons to correct the problem. In hindsight I should have chucked it all in the beginning and went with a high end brand. Dutch Boy has had some high ratings too and I always wondered how. Now I know to stay away from low end paint completely.

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DO NOT USE THIS PAINT!!!!!!!!! I bought 2 gallons of this paint for my kitchen ceiling. I'm not a novice painter and had painted many ceilings before. I'm careful and make sure there are never any remaining lines left on the surface. It sounded like a good idea with the purple dye in it and it says spatter resistant too. Well, first of all it took almost 1 1/2 gallons for about 2/3 of my ceiling. Then when it dried, disaster!! You can see every roller mark and they are outlined with what looks like white chalky marks all over the place. We thought the second coat would solve the problem, but it only got worse. There are blotches of paint all over the ceiling and even now when we painted, again, for the third time with a different paint, it's still blotchy and a mess. All roller lines are still showing through with the white chalky marks. Maybe we can sand it or something... What a mess!!!! Today the paint pan liner had dried with the remaining paint from yesterday, and it's all cracking off as if it were just joint compount in there. Seems like the laytex is missing... Dutch Boy is going to hear about this from me! They have some nerve leaving this junk on the shelves with all the complaints they've gotten about it. All the work, all the money, and it looks terrible. Never saw anything like this before!

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I submitted my receipts for a refund over a month ago and I'm still waiting for a reply. I think I'll give them another month before I take further action.

Every day I can still see remnants of the mess this paint has caused. A simple refund will never cover the cost.

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Too late! We used it too with the same results others posted. We used DB flat paint throughout our new house 3000sq.ft., with great results (painted entire home in 6 days), very pleased, until we used the ceiling paint in one of the bedrooms. Like the original poster it took 3 cans and still looks like carp!
I don't know how we are going to remedy it. Sand down the lines, then attempt to repaint?

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I wish I'd seen this before. I got the same disasterous results as others reported and found this thread looking for an answer.

Guess I'll be repainting with something else.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Holy cow. This is pretty bad - rumblings started 12/10 and very specific and similar complaints about this product continue to roll in.

Wonder if Dutch Boy Paints uses Google Alerts or anything so they catch all this feedback.

Looks to me like they have a few issues with this product that need addressed - ASAP.

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An update on the refund I requested from Dutch Boy. After over 2 months and not hearing anything on my refund, I emailed customer support asking about the status of the refund and was told that they were short staffed and would try to send it out soon. The check came the other day, about a week after I emailed them.

Another thing I found out was Dutch Boy must be made by Sherwin Williams as the name on the refund envelope was SW.

It was good to receive the check but it came nowhere near compensating for the extra work involved to make the ceiling look ok.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Yes, Dutch Boy is a Sherwin Williams company. Sherwin Williams owns a ton of brands: Pratt & Lambert, Martin Senour, Dutch Boy, H & C Concrete Coatings, Krylon, White Lighting, Purdy, Tri-Flow and probably more I'm not thinking of at the moment.

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do I ever wish I had read these posts before purchasing this horrible paint. I used it to paint my kitchen and breakfast room ceilings (and I am an experienced painter) and, as the others have said, the paint blistered all over the ceilings. I tried sanding with little result. DB would only offer to refund my purchase price. If any law firm out there is interested in a class action suit, count me in. there is no excuse for putting such a lousy, DAMAGING, product on the market.

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I wish I would have read this forum before buying this horrible stuff. I've been painting my homes for 30 years and have never had anything like this happen. As others have said, the paint blistered all over the kitchen and breakfast room ceiling. It looks terrible. I tried to sand it but with little result. Called Dutch Boy and all they would do is offer to refund the purchase price. If there is a law firm out there that is interested in a class action lawsuit, count me in.

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For those of you wanting to use a ceiling paint that goes on one color but dries white, you might want to try Valspar, goes on purple, dries white. I just used it for the first time, and am very pleased with it. I do think it takes a bit more paint than regular ceiling paint though, although in my case, it was new primered sheetrock, so maybe would have taken more paint anyway. I also wouldnt call it purple. It is actually a light lavendar color when applied. It did dry nice and even.

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OMG - worst paint ever - the pink tint didn't stay pink long enough to even see where you've painted - it streaked so bad - at 9 pm I was running to the store to buy my old stand by of Glidden paint - it too has the tint and I loved it - my ceiling turned out great - returning the 2 gallons I purchased of the Dutch Boy and will never spend the money on this or any other Dutch Boy product again

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