Exterior paint help - tan/reddish roof, tan/reddish brick

lovetorenovateDecember 22, 2011

We are planning to buy this house and do some updates... but mainly inside. I want to improve the curb appeal and would like to make the trim and windows pop more. I don't like the drab black on the shutters - and may even redo the shutters entirely (as I'm a big fan if they can close or at least appear to close). It was recently re-roofed so it's unlikely we'll change the shingle color. Eventually I'd add a portico entry with a gabled end (and match the dentil moulding along the eaves which you can't even see in the photo because of the current paint color and lack of definition) - but out the budget for the moment.

By the way, I love painted brick... but this one has a lime wash on it - which makes it look like it's got limestone on some of them. Where it's been washed off (along the foundation - is the orange color original brick). Not sure there's any way for paint to adhere to that - and I'm fine with the color of the brick now - but in combo with the roof it gives off this overall "blah" appearance to me.

So, overall, I just want less of an "orange" or bland look. Give me your best ideas... (trim colors, other suggestions). It also has that stupid fake double door. I think we'll take off the storm door on that side and put house numbers, the mailbox, anything to stop pretending it's another door when it's not. :-)

the house:

portico idea:

closer view of the brick color

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That's a pretty house!

If you don't get a lot of responses here, post this on the Home Decorating forum.

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