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kitchenpigletFebruary 5, 2013

Gardenweb has been THE BEST HELP I've had throughout my kitchen reno process. I haven't contributed a thing and felt the need to contribute in some sort of way since I've received so many tips from GWers. So I just thought I'd post my experience of purchasing my Blanco silgranit sinks thru homperfect.com to help anyone considering the site. I purchased two silgranit sinks on Jan 28th and surprisingly received them on saturday Feb. 2nd. They came well packaged and visibly noted to "handle with care". Both sinks arrived looking great. I was a little weary of how they would be handled, being that they are shipped from NJ and I am all the way in WA. However they were boxed with plenty of padding to ensure safe travel. I was very impressed with not only the packaging but also the delivery time (which were my two main concerns). I should also note that due to negative reviews about the site falsely advertising items "in stock" i confirmed with an online rep that they did indeed have the items in stock before I actually placed my order. Hope this helps someone else save some bucks as I did by purchasing through them

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I have had mediocre results with HomePerfect. I bought multiple Kohler sinks (Kohler Stages 45", Stages 33", Vault 25" x 2), and they shipped all but my main sink, and their website said my order was complete. I called customer service, and they told me it had been canceled, but without a refund! They made it right, and eventually weeks later, I got my whole order and at pretty good prices. Luckily, our kitchen was months behind schedule, so it didn't really impact us. I suppose all's well that ends well.

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I also had mediocre results. I ordered a Blanco Cascade sink from them in October which was supposed to arrive in early November. They kept extending the delivery date a few weeks at a time until I finally gave up on it ever arriving. They will charge you for the item when you order it, not when they have it in stock. So I "owned" it for two months until I cancelled it and ordered a different sink which did come quickly. I had to pay for the second sink before I was given a credit for the first sink. I could not apply the money I had already paid to the second order.

I would agree with kitchenpiglet that no matter who you order from, you are better off if the sink you want is in stock when you order.

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I just received our KWC faucet from homeperfect and everything went smoothly and it arrived fast!

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HomePerfect.com was one of the worst companies I had to deal with. My sink came in damaged and they gave me 2 months of run arounds and atleast a dozen phone calls before I got my refund. Will never shop there again. There are too many sellers with good ratings out there to waste my time with a poor-service company like HomePerfect. And if you think their prices are lower, call a different company and ask them if they will match HomePerfect's price. 9 out of 10 times they will.

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I ordered a Toto toilet and pedestal sink in Feb. 2011 from Home Perfect and did not have any problems. The items arrived in a timely manner in perfect condition. I was a little reluctant to order from them, but couldn't find these specific items at another online vendor (or locally).

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I've had a horrible time with HomePerfect.com, with some pendant lights I ordered. Their customer service is incredibly unresponsive. I ordered three lights on 2/17 and was charged immediately. However, the order remained in "processing" status. After inquiring by a few times by phone and via their online system, I was given a date of 3/8/13. That date came and passed, with no update in the system. I contacted them again via the online ticket system and via phone, several times, in order to get a status. Each time, they promised to get back with the information. They never did. Suddenly, one day three weeks later the merchandise showed up.

Unfortunately, one of the items arrived damaged. I've now placed a call, filled out their RMA form, and opened a support ticket. I've received no response. Reading about the company here and elsewhere, I realize that anytime anything goes slightly wrong with your order, it will go very, very wrong. I've decided to cut my losses and placed a replacement order with another online vendor. In one day, the order was processed and in two days I expect delivery. All for essentially the same price.

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Less than good experience. Ordered 2 expensivre lights. one came damaged. Did the RMA and no response at all. Finally my electrician has done a sort of a fix but I was not a happy customer.

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Worst experience of my (very long) online purchasing history. Ordered a faucet that came defective. They instructed me to call the manufacturer, which I thought was weird. Manufacturer said this was a known problem and offered to send a part of have the faucet replaced. Since we had not installed it I went with the latter. It took me THREE weeks to get Home Perfect to issue an RGA (that was authorized by the manufacturer) for the faucet and I believe they only did it then because I filed a complaint through my credit card and gave them a very bad review on an Internet rating site (that they replied to). I have this all documented, but I made 12 phone calls totally HOURS of time (including one 51-minute session on hold after which I was hung up on) and sent at least 10 emails to no avail. When I did get the RGA it was for the wrong item. I called and wrote for further instruction, got none, and sent the damn thing back anyway. They received it more than a week ago and they have still not issued me a credit. Basically it is now in the hands of the credit card company through their dispute process. In the meantime I bought the same faucet from Amazon for $20 more, and got it in two days in perfect condition.

Definitely learned a lesson on that one ....

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I'm surprised to read the bad reviews. We had good experiences with them. Everything was received quickly and in good shape. We ordered quite a few items over several months. Everything from large sinks to small items.

Only one thing required customer service and they took quick action and sent a replacement.

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Ugh. I'm on hold with them now. I ordered on Labor Day because I had a 15% "member" discount code and was told I'd have my pendants in 5-7 days; I placed the order by phone because the code didn't work online. Emailed invoice only shows 13% discount. Status "processing" and then changed to "complete" during the phone call. FedEx tracking number provided, but not yet recognized in the fedex system.

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I've had great experience with homeperfect.com. I've ordered several times this summer and all have come quickly. No damaged items either. Great prices, too.

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My 2 pendants arrived on separate days, both shades were damaged. Called and emailed pictures, one shade has a crack and the other a chip and bubble. This is not the quality I expected for the price.

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Had very good results with the Kitchen Faucet I ordered...it hasn't been installed as yet...But everything looks good..and Customer Service and ordering was great!

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I recently ordered a blanco Silgranit sink with them. It came with a big crack. I actually sort of expected that as it seemed to happen quite often even with other sellers. I refused delivery and then contacted home perfect right away. The next day they contacted me and told me they can send a replacemt out right away (that's even before they got that cracked sink back). I told them I am leaving for vacation soon and would like the replacement arrived after I return. Customer rep said no problem. He will make a note to remind himself to send out item 4 days before I return so the sink will arrive after my vacation. Sure enough I got a tracking number towards the end of my vacation and received a perfectly intact sink the first day i returned home. I am a very happy customer.

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It is only fair to update my post.
It required too much persistence on my part, but in the end Homeperfect did revise my discount to 15% and contacted the manufacturer to ship replacement glass. Unfortunately, the replacement glass was defective, and so there was another delay in replacing the replacement.
I'm entirely unimpressed by the quality control of Hudson Valley, but that isn't homeperfect's fault. I'm looking forward to finally seeing my lights all put together!

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I had to do a little research when I read this posting. A year ago we ordered a Kohler Stages 45 from Homecenter.com and it was a disaster. They never shipped, but always claimed that they either had, or would "tomorrow". We finally had to call our CC company and file a claim. The CC company promptly issued a credit and that was the end of it. Their price was too good to be true, -and we all know how that story ends...

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Homecenter is a different site from Homeperfect.

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"Homecenter is a different site from Homeperfect"


Our experiences are eerily similar.

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I feel a need to add to this thread. I ordered a faucet from Home Perfect and no problem. Then ordered a Blanco silgranit that was defective per pictures sent to Blanco. I totally understand some of the frustrations above. Customer service at least for returns is a call center in India. I have sent pictures of the defect 3x and filled out their tag request. Told also takes 5-6 days for Blanco to send return authorization and shipping label. Called 3x over 9 days and they only have record of last call. So 9 days later, they still hadn't contacted Blanco but supposedly did on this last call. I may be contacting credit card company as well though they assure me I will be refunded. I would recommend only using Blanco authorized online vendor. But honestly, I would not buy a Silgranit sink online again. Ended up buying it locally.

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