So I found a dog on the street today...

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7January 17, 2012

a busy street, and I stopped, called and she came running over and hopped in my car. AHHH!

An adorable, older, non spayed, Boston terrier. Obviously used to riding in cars and being inside.

I went to around to several homes nearby - in a half mile area, called the humane shelter and have an appt. at my vet tomorrow to see if she is micro chipped and reasonably healthy. She does have a very noticeable cataract in one eye.

I put up signs at all stop signs nearby and looked online for lost Boston terriers.

She appeared healthy enough, no fleas that I can see, no discharges, a little thin though. So, I brought her home and she is sleeping in the laundry room. (on a dogbed w/ a blanket) Ate two small bowls of dogfood and drank a bowl of water. She probably would have eaten more if I had given her more.

More scared of going outside - it's raining now- than my JR which dh and I can hardly believe.

Ok, so now what? How long do I keep her? I can not decide if I want a third dog. That seems so over the top and frankly, expensive. I spent over two thousand in the past year on medical bills for one of my dogs and I cannot do that again (any time soon)

So, what if someone calls to claim her and they are bad dog owners? She wasn't spayed- a big x mark in my book.

Am I at a "rescue" stage? I think I would like to keep her while diligently looking for a good home.

How do I do that?

Right now, I do not plan on taking her to the Humane Shelter at all but would like to care for her while finding a home. She is extremely sweet, housebroken and quiet.

I need help!!

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If you can't find her home, why don't you post her picture with Boston terrier rescue in your area?

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Boston Terrier rescue would take that dog in heartbeat regardless of her eye. That's what rescue groups are for. They generally are much more generous in "the taking" for smaller dogs. So that is not a worry for you.

The real question is do you want to keep the dog? You either keep it, or don't. However, I strongly suggest a spay.

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If at all possible, wait awhile to see if she is claimed by her owner(s). She could have been abandoned simply because she's older or she could have slipped away and gotten lost. Then I agree, a Boston Terrier rescue group is the best option. They will make arrangements for pickup at your home or nearby meeting point. I totally understand about the finance issue, been there many times and have been made to feel guilty because I couldn't spend enough.

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Hmmm I understand you don't think the owners (if they turn up) are good owners, but if it were me, I'd give them their dog. Not neutering is a personal choice, they may have good reasons not to. This really isn't abusive ownership IMHO. And you wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on, really. No judge or cop is going to say they don't 'deserve' their dog back because it got lost, and was not neutered, now if it had clearly been abused or neglected, that's another situation.
Also agree w/above suggestions that if you can't find the owners, contact a b.t rescue group in your area. We've gotten most of our dogs over the yrs thru rescue groups, they're generally great to deal with, and will take great care of the dog if you can't find the owner.

Good luck, she sounds like a sweetie, glad someone caring found her to go the extra mile on her behalf.

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Call all your local shelters, including the county pound, and see if anyone has reported her missing. If you want to foster her until she finds a home, then visit a few rescue groups and see which one you'd like to work with. Their rules and methods of adoptions vary in my area and there are only a couple I really like.
Once you find a rescue group you like, they should be able to list her on their Petfinder page and allow you to show her, along with their dogs, on weekends.

How can you tell she's not spayed? You won't necessarily see a scar and even my vet says it's difficult to tell without shaving the dog, and then it's still not a guarantee.

She's very lucky you stopped! BTW, maybe I've been fortunate but I had very few expenses with my senior dogs. If they made it to old age without major problems, then their only health issues were usually IBD or general aches and pains. Hopefully her checkup results are excellent!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Ok, I just got back from the vet, she is 1.5 years old and has no fleas, heartworms, parasites or any anything visibly wrong. Good teeth. The cataract turns out to be a corneal bruise- probably from being in the brush.
She had good bowel movements this morning and regular urination and sleep well.

I have emailed a BT rescue group nearby (ish) and hope to hear from them. No phone contact from any of the signs I posted.
It is possible we will keep her, our other two dogs are 12 so dh and I need to thoroughly discuss it.

I have started her on Trifexis based on vets recommendations. This a new to me drug.

Right now, she is sleeping and has seemed very tired since finding her. All this must be exhausting! She also doesn't seem remotely interested in being outside longer than it takes to tinkle. She pulls towards the door right after. It's sweet.

I have checked Petfinder, lost Bt's on USA and local sites.

I will, of course, give her back to a good owner but we have TONS of trailer trash around here that keep dogs tied up or in tiny kennels their whole life (along w/ a big university with discarded pets all the time) and I won't give her to a bad home period. I drive through the saddest areas every single day and it is heartbreaking.

Thanks for all your comments and I appreciate any advice.

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Thanks for your kindness in taking her in and taking her to a vet. We need more good souls like you. I hope her owners come forward soon. I hope even more that they don't and you have the privilege of keeping her since you sound like a very nice person!

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Bless you for helping that sweet girl. Boston Terrier are adorable. I'm hoping you will keep her, you sound like a very caring person.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thanks you all. I know I'm a good doggy momma.

The rescue group has responded and baring anything unusual, most likely will take her. Lots of details to work out. But, she bonded with dh tonight (she laid on him for an hour snoring), and while we were both too tired to talk, I think we may keep her.

The Trifexis- well I wasted $22 on that garbage. I gave 1/3 of the pill as prescribed, and the vet told me she Might throw it up, yada, yada, but yes indeed she did throw it up 3 hours after taking it ( on a rug of course, though we acres of hardwood and tile) And it doesn't kill ticks, which I NOW know, so it's worthless.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

So good that you were able to take her in and offer her a home if no one claims her. She may be pregnant and could be the reason she is so tired. Many girls will "roam" when they are in season and if the neighbourhood is as you say, perhaps she is not spayed. Just my thoughts. If you do keep her, congratulations on your new addition. It has been my experience that the best of them are sent to us. :)


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

The vet said he did not think she was pregnant but there was a tiny chance but he doubted she was. Not going there even in thought...

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Keep her. She sounds like a good dog. I have a half Boston terrier and he's wonderful. Thanks for helping her.

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How can you tell she isn't spayed?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

The vet said she wasn't- there would be a scar line. He was definite she wasn't.

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Now a days when the vets spay an animal they put a small tattoo on the tummies. Well, the ones here do. I have no idea where you are or if they do the same there.

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If you haven't had a female dog spayed lately, it can be expensive. She needs to be up to date on all shots including kennel cough and K-nine flu. Total bill can be upwards of $300+.

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