oil based paint still very tacky

sheilajoyce_gwDecember 17, 2010

It has been over 24 hours since the spindles on my stairwell were repainted with oil based paint, and they are still VERY tacky. We have had some drizzle overnight and today, and it is supposed to rain off and on the rest of the week. I am concerned. Should I be?

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Oil paints can be VEEEEERRRY slow to "firm-up".

(I'm assuming by "stairwell"...you mean an interior job?)

Humidity CAN be a factor, but it's not the main one.

Alkyds cure by reacting-with/linking-with Oxygen in the surrounding air. The better the air-exchange-rate, the faster Oils will cure-out.

If your Oil coats were thicker, that'll really slow it down!

It's a different mechanism than Latexes go thru, which release water into the air. Thus, Latex films "get tighter"...literally pulling-down/shrinking onto the substrate...thus, drying out.

Bottom-line: It may be a week or more. Open some windows, use some fans, etc. Fresh-air exchanges are KEY.


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