Where to put the handles? Vote!

CEFreemanFebruary 3, 2014

Hi all!
I have some of these cottage cabinets in my MBR and just can't decide where to put the handles. I don't like one better than the other, so I just can't pick. Let me know your vote, and perhaps why?

There are from Pinterest.

First, we have the handles places on the stiles? rails? I always forget which runs which way, so we'll say on the edge of the drawer front:

Then we have the pulls put in the center panel -- which I've always thought might be a weaker point in the drawer.

So. Aren't these pretty? What do you think?

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I usually prefer center on shaker style but think top of stile works better in this case

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I agree with zeitgast.

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Pretty cabinets. I normally like the pulls on the center panel but I think I like them better on the stiles. The 3rd pic (white cabinet), the pulls seem lost within the center panel. I don't mind them in the center panel on the green cabinet.
I'd want to see the chosen hardware on the specific cabinet to make a decision. Maybe we need some of Oldbat's excellent photoshopping.

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I have always preferred pulls in the center of the cabinet drawer. I think for me it is about symmetry and centering. I am a little obsessive that way. That is just my opinion though.

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Beautiful cabinets! I also prefer the first!

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I like them in the center but I'd put them on the top rail so I didn't have to bend over so far.

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I normally like them in the center, but with the beadboard detail in the middle, I would put them toward the top. (And thank you for posting pictures of what you have...without those examples from Houzz, I would have probably just said that my preference was in the middle)

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I like them on the top, as in the kitchen with the blue backsplash (so pretty).

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I vote as shown in picture #2

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I like them on the rails so I don't have to bend over so far for the bottom drawers.

I always remember rails by thinking of hand rails.

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I think it depends on the size of the handle. If its a smaller, skinny handle, put it on the rail, if its a thick fat handle, put it in the middle. That'd be my vote.

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I think also it depends on your style of pull, and are you having a mix of doors and drawers, and are you using the same pulls on both doors and drawers? How thick are the rails? How wide are the cabinets? (I can be a little peculiar about what "just looks right" to me sometimes... I guess the overall proportions and balance of the handle and cabinet have to work somehow)

Delicate pulls just don't work on the center panel unless it is a rather small cabinet, but something with a little heft looks good.

I personally don't care for pic #1, with the placement of the door pulls putting me off. I tend to not like pulls in the center panels of doors as well, but I think the cup pulls on the green cabs look fab where they are.

Sorry, this isn't much help, is it?

I realized in another thread that my handles had actually been the very first thing I had chosen for my kitchen; I had thought that I would place them in the center of the top/bottom rail/stile of all the doors and drawers, but that just didn't look right to me when I finally had the cabinets.

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Great examples/pictures of the cottage cabinets! Another vote for #2 - But I agree- depends on the type of pulls/handles/knobs. The cup pulls work in #4.

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I'm doing something without a lot of weight to them, but they're dark, so they'll stand out.

Interestingly enough, again in my own weird way, this is a conglomeration of handles, pallet wood, barn wood, actual cabinet doors (the type in the pictures), antiquing and a tiny bit of stencil.

So, I'm using a bunch of different handles, too! I have so many order-me-one-to-see-if-I-like-it handles, I decided to just use 'em. The continuity of the handles is my anal need for symmetry. The cabinet type above will have the same handles. Let me see if I can....

So they're not too heavy --- I don't care or that -- but they're distinct. It's interesting that most, well, all the votes are pretty much for example 2!

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I too can never remember which way is the stile and which way is the rail, so

I like may_flowers "hand rail" memory assist. Maybe railroad tracks for me.

Oddly enough, in this instance I think I like the pulls in the center of the panel. Generally I prefer them in the rail, but the beadboard panels just make a difference.

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On the rails. I'd vote that way even if they were smooth in the middle.

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There is another option. I placed my pulls on the panel nearer the top, similar to the green drawer under the window seat, but not quite as high and close to the top rail.

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The problem, for me, in example #3 is that the handles and knobs don't seem to have enough substance, they get lost in the sea of white. Other than that I like the placement just fine. Your dark handles would look better. Are your cabinets going to be white or a color?

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Raee, my cabinets are an unusual, one-of-a-kind finish that is really between a mild brown and dusty green. I'll try to put a picture up, but you know how colors go on monitors.

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That sounds interesting!

Yes, I do know -- the pics of my kitchen looked like I had pink cabinets, when they are in reality not really grey, not really cream, not white, but sort of all three...

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I agree with most of the others- With the BB, I would go with putting them on the rails.
Mine are on the panels - but I remember Badger put them on the rails - much easier to open the drawers - but I was chickenâ¦

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natebear zone 10B

My .02--

I don't like the handle on the rail (thanks, suzannesl). If I saw that placement, my first instinct would be to pull down to open. Fwiw, that is also the most cottage-y of the looks.

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We just went through this decision process. My cabinet maker was willing to place them wherever I preferred, but he has been doing this for many years, so I listened to his advice. He said that the center of the panel is actually stronger than the rails and would be his recommendation. I did predominantly drawers and they are *loaded* down. I think I would have felt that I needed to be more careful when I pull the drawers open if the handles had been on the rails. :)

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That is a really great point sum!

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ctycdm, that's a great picture! It wasn't there before. I like that look. My pulls are only about 5", so I'm wondering if they'd look as good as your longer, sleek pulls?

I can't imagine the panels being stronger, given they're a completely different cut of material (if you try to stain it, it's obvious) and only 1/4" thick. The rails are 1/2" thick. I measured. Unless I install these pulls going through the drawer, thru the drawer face, and then screwed on. Then, of course, it'd take an act of God to damage the drawer front. Oh - and these are in my MBR, so the usage won't be what it would be in a kitchen. (Yes, they're kitchen cabinets, which is another reason I'm here!)

Gotta think about this stuff. You're all raising great points and I appreciate the votes. So far, the rails have it. :)

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Christine, I just thought I'd clarify the panels placement in our case. As you can see from the picture our handles go through the 1/2" face (below the 3/4" rail) and through the 3/4" drawer box. So in our case it actually is much stronger. If your panels are thinner then I'd probably go with placement on the rails too. :)

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I wondered. I could go through the drawer, too, but now I'm wishing I had wider pulls! :)
It's tough to make a decision. Everyone's kitchens are so lovely.

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