Duplicating Thai Fire N Rice Campbells soup - anyone?

marys1000November 22, 2009

Requesting help for this I realize is a shot in the dark.

This commercial canned soup is served in the cafeteria at work and I really like it and would like to duplicate it at home. I have not had much luck with duplicating things. I tried to duplicate the local little take out

Thai chicken red curry and couldn't get there.

Specific Brand flavor can be very big with my tastebuds and without knowing the brand of coconut milk or curry paste....

I digress but I'm wondering if this is even possible.

I can't find anything like this on the web.

It is a light red in color, is sort of thick...

Anyone ever had it that might know where to start?




case code 13867

ÂThis Thai-inspired soup features rice,

white meat chicken, Portobello

mushrooms, and peppers in a lively

and indulgent chicken broth seasoned

with lemongrass, coconut, red curry

and other Thai spices.



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Here's a picture of it I found.

I have no clue..looks like a chowder type texture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fire and Rice

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I got the woman in the work cafeteria to give me the label off the frozen block of soup:) This seems to be everyone's favorite. So anyone want to help figure out how to somewhat replicate chime in. This is SYSCO Thai Style Fire and Rice with Chicken. I can't honestly say its very Thai per se, more an Americanized soup which is fine by me. Kind of thick, some small chunks of pepper, mushroom, chicken
Ingrediants list from label...
chicken stock
cream (milk)
cooked white chicken meat
diced tomatoes in tomato juice
red peppers
green peppers'
vegetable oil
portabello mushrooms
modified food starch

Contains less than 2% of the following

worchestire sauce
crushed garlic
soy sauce
tomatoe paste
fish seasoning
garlic powder
onion powder
yeast extract
disodium chemicals
malt vinegar
some other junk
red pepper spice extract
chicken flavor
chicken broth powder

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It's all int he seasoning and without tasting I can't tell...
But I would sautee the garlic and some onion and peppers and the mushrooms in the vegetable oil, add some of that "modified starch"...or flour...to thicken....then add the chicken stock bring to a boil, season with paprika, red pepper and soy sauce, some tomato paste add the chicken and milk...salt, some sechewan pepper...juice of a lime or so.....and if you really think you need it, some of that better than boullion paste.....and serve topped with fresh cilantro.
Linda C

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I was thinking
Saute in (peanut?) oil some shallot, garlic, peppers, remove
saute mushrooms remove
saute chicken remove
Pour in "some" chicken stock
Add "some" tomatoes in juice, reserving some of the tomato
chunk part
Some half and half, maybe some coconut milk?
Some Thai seasoning paste (?)
maybe a touch of brown sugar, soy, worchestire, crushed garlic, paprika, lime juice, hot pepper flakes
Add in some of the peppers shallots garlic, "some" rice maybe a roasted red pepper packed in water from a jar?
Hit with an immersion blender
Add in the chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, rest of peppers, rice
I'm hoping blending some of the rice and ingrediants will handle the thickening
Thoughts? Proportions of ingredients? I'm single so I don't need to make a huge amount

This is also a Campbells soup, part of their "international" selection, except I've never seen that anywhere. And I want to limit my salt, sugar, chemicals so it would be nice to be able to make.

Would this freeze do you think? Since it has some cream and rice, tomatoes, I don't know.

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I am noticing the malt vinegar in the list....think you need some sour....that's why I said lime.
And I would thicken with flour...
If you are limiting salt and "chemicals" skip the boullion or chicken stock base....
I would just wing it....start small....who knows you might like your version better!...in fact I'll bet you will!!

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If you are trying to mimic the canned soup then perhaps you should start with a can of Campbells chicken and rice soup (from concentrate) as your base rehydrated with a can of milk.

Here is a link that might be useful: campbellawayfromhome

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