Please help with this L shaped design conundrum

SparklingWaterFebruary 25, 2013

Hello. Our kitchen has L shaped walls. A tall double oven box near the pass through door is being permanently removed. This opens the L up for a more light and airy feel.

I use this area for baking, morning coffee making and storage of pans and cooking odds and ends. We wish a good size double drawer base cabinet for pots and pans on this L, as well as a 24" microwave (Sharp drawer or over the counter) and perhaps some veggies storage if there is room. That leaves the issue of how to design the remaining cabinets on the L.

Do you have any layout suggestions? I didn't fully understand davidahn's most recent posts on L walls, but I have read it more than once. I don't know how to apply his ideas.

Thank you so very much for any help you might offer.

Edit: photos removed for corrected measurements :(

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robo (z6a)

What's going on to the left of the fridge?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think you need to redraw on graph paper. Something is out of whack...the sketch says the kitchen is 8x12, yet the drawing looks square....if the base cabs are 24" then the sketch looks about 10 x 10...

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I'm just a lurker but I've been watching your threads because I think I have similarly sized kitchen. But your notation that the main kitchen is 8x12 confuses me - if the L is really 66" deep, and there is (at least) the 31" walkway before the other wall of cabinets, the room must be larger than 8 feet. Right? Can you clarify?

My only other comment would be that I totally get the desire to avoid moving plumbing etc, but your sink/range wall seems really cramped, especially if (as it appears) there is some foot traffic between the pantry/eatin area passing right behind you as you are at the range. Any chance you can make the sink on that wall into a prep sink, and add a secondary or prep sink where the L is? I have a galley on a slab, fwiw, so I appreciate that these things often look easier on paper than they are in reality.

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You are right! The kitchen is 12' x 12'- I had subtracted the 4 foot stairs in my mind, to 12' x 8'. So embarrassed. So I spent this morning checking the measurements-pretty sure it is correct now.

robotropolis: to the side of the 36" refrigerator is a 3" plaster wall which helps incorporate the 4" square spiral stair case the previous owner installed. Ha, someday you could replace it with an elevator.

AnnieDeighnaugh and smaloney-great pick up by you both, thanks. I hope the dimensions make more sense now.

The kitchen sink/range run at 144" is cramped. Thankfully it is not limited by distance to the corner wall (48" is the narrowest, range directly across to corner wall edge by opening to the pantry) nor to refrigerator (82").

There are 3 doors: one to hallway by the stairs, and a pass by kitchen route from back door to the dining room. I did want to make the pantry sink a clean up sink, separate from the prep sink. If I replaced the current DW location to the pantry base area, this could be accomplished and I still am giving that serious consideration for precisely what you noticed, smaloney. Thanks.

Here are the new photos with updated measurements.

Kitchen 12' x 12':

Kitchen stairwell wall:

L Corner wall dimensions:


I started a "help with kitchen/pantry design" thread before this (and have updated it's photos too). I understand it is best to keep it all on one thread, but this "L" corner wall, like them all, is truly design challenged.

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