diarrhea in kitten week after spayed?

datura-07January 14, 2011

My 6 month old kitty was spayed and declawed a week ago. She wouldn't use the Yesterday's News. She cried like mad where the old litter boxes were but wouldn't use any of the other boxes. Funny thing is that the other cats wouldn't do number two in them either - which is nice - less work for me - we live way off the road in the woods so they are going outside now first thing in the morning. Vet said to use oatmeal and finally she went in it. I've never heard a cat cry like she did. It was a real mad cry. Didn't know if she was hurting - constipated or what. Two days ago I was there when she went - it was really runny and then a pile of some thicker stuff. With four cats, I never know who's is who's. Tonight I discovered just really wet diarrhea - it was army green in color. . She must know something is wrong because there was grass (or some of my plants) in it.

I've talked to the vet several times this week about her and vet thinks I worry to much. Is this normal after surgery?

If I need to call the vet,, I need to do it first thing in the morning since they close at noon.

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Diarrhea is never normal, no matter what the surgical history.

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If your vet isn't concerned, go to another vet........and soon.
I've never used that litter but looked it up on the web. IMO, and based on what I've seen, I can understand why cats wouldn't like using it. It doesn't look like it'd cover up their pee & poop very well.
It's also possible the shape and texture of it is painful to her paws. Does the vet have her on any pain meds for her paws?

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I use Yesterday news with 2 of my cats because it is really dust free. No problem. The other cats (litter box in laundry room) have World's best. It is quite soft on paws, and you may want to try it. You could also just shred some newspapers for the time being until her paws heal.

Now, this said, diarrhea should be addressed, and is probably due to something they used during the 2 surgeries.

I'll end with this (because it is water under the bridge), declawing is simply HORRIBLE and CRUEL. If your cat cries, look no further for a cause. If you wanted a declawed cat, you could have got to a shelter and adopt one that was already declawed. Sorry, but I feel that declawing should be banned.. period.

Hope your cat recovers and.. forgives you.

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You are right Annz, It doesn't cover up the poop - it just sticks to it (wastes a lot) and the pee is absorbed into it ( works great for that). I was also wondering if the shape bothered her. I used it years and years ago. I've also tried the crystals - didn't like at all. I do use Worlds Best - now that stuff is expensive - the bag costs almost as much as a bag of food. It has been a week so I have four different boxes out. Most are back to using the Worlds Best now.

She just ate so I'll give her a little time and see if she goes before I call the vet.
One of our best friends is a vet out of state. They are return from a vacation this moorning but I'll give him a call later.
Thanks for trying to help.

I know all about the declawing. I couldn't do it to my last kitten, but he ended up distroying a $4000 couch and was banned from out boat after we discovered claw holes all over a leather recliner. And the cushions in the cockpit were distroyed also. Then there was the chair in our bedroom - I could go on.
This kitten found the loveseat in the living room and the back of the other chair in the bedroom. It killed us to do it but it was either that or give the kitty away. (And we found her out in the woods sicker than a dog - someone tossed her) I knew someone would get on my case when I typed it - thought about deleting it but figured it might have something to do with her problem.

She's been off the pain meds for four days.

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I'm sorry Datura, I knew I would get some reaction, but I had to remind people about how un-necessary and cruel declawing is. There are LOTS of options to declawing. Cutting nails on a regular basis for one (and with a kitten, you can train her) . Scratching poles another big one. No couch is worth declawing a cat. And I'll stand by that, maybe it's because my furniture is cheap. I realize you save that cat, and I commend you. I'll drop the subject.
Best of luck,

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Yes, World's best litter is expensive (it lasts much longer), but it is only for a month or so until her paws "heal", and can go back to a regular cat sand without sending her screaming from pain. You owe her that much.

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I understand where you are coming from Anne-Marie. We did trim the nails weekly and built two scrating posts for her. Tired to train her - had many talks with her. Enough said on that subject!

I do use World's Best in the three boxes but just put them away the last week. They are back out now.
I do find it tracks less and doesn't make the dust like the sand type does.
As with any litter - you need to pull out the "stuff" daily if not more often or they will stratch it into small pieces.
Have a good weekend.

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Have you taken her to another vet?

If so, & s/he isn't concerned, try adding plain cooked rice & plain canned pumpkin (not pie filling, the ingredients list should be "pumpkin") to her food, about 1/2 & 1/2 with the food.

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spedigrees z4VT

I won't add to what Anne Marie said about declawing except to say that I concur. I hope you realize that your kitten should never be allowed outdoors with your other cats because you have taken away her natural means of defending herself.

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Sylvia's suggestion of the rice and plain canned pumpkin is a good one.

I hope you can find a more concerned vet, and that your kitty feels better very soon.

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Why would you ever think of leaving a declawed cat outside? It is a very cruel procedure to inflict on a cat. I have five cats and have never thought of declawing. Not in a million years. But it's a double dose of cruelty if you let it outside defenseless. Mine all have claws but have never seen the outside.

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This is why I stopped coming here to ask for help!

Have lived in our country home for 30 years and my cats do fine outside - climb trees, etc. They just love to sit on the decks and smell the roses. They go out in the winter first thing in the morning but don't like the cold weather and are back in in less than 10 minutes. I lost one last year at 19, and another one eight years ago at 18. I have a 12 , 10, and 7 year old besides this 6 month old one. I know all about the pros and cons of declawing and letting them be outside.
I take them to the vet whenever they sneeze,etc. You wouldn't believe what my vet bills are but they are my kids and I will pay whatever I have to. Before we had cats, we had three dogs - one was paralyzed due to a slipped disc for 12 of his 16 years (wore diapers and got around in a walker - still loved to play ball) another one was blind her last four years (lived to 15) and our collie had diabetes - two shots a day her last two years.
In the summer the cats go every weekend to our boat - and yes they all have life preservers and wear them when we cruise (they are in the cockpit while underway and are not allowed to stay in any of the cabins where we can't find them). We have a ditch bag with water and food for them and have practiced our evac plan to get them in the dingy. And the boat is enclosed so they can't get out unless we open the doors and let them out. Several like to walk out on the bow while in the slip but we are always with them. One of our best friends has the boat next to us and he is over in minutes if I think any of them has a problem. AS a matter of fact, When our old kitty last year acted strange - bouncing along the wall - I called him immediately and he said she probably had a saddled thrombous - I had her in the vets office within 15 minutes - and we didn't spare any costs in treating her. Our cats love to travel with us - when I bring in their carriers, they jump in or sit on top of them.

So, we are not abusive parents SO please just try to answer questions and get off our backs on some of these issues.
I wonder how many other people, who really need help, have stopped coming here for advise.

And after all that, this will be my last post here.

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I am so sorry for the other people's comments! This is a site where people go to ask questions! Don't you think that harassing someone should be banned!!! People don't come here to be harassed if they did they would have called their mothers! LOL Anyway, people please just help someone if you can and keep your opinions to yourself.

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