Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

txgigiDecember 3, 2010

Has anyone used the "Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer" and if so did it work well? Did you have problems with clogging? Any other suggestions for inexpensive but reliable paint sprayers? I am trying to figure out what type of paint sprayer is the best buy for the buck to paint both interior and exterior areas at my house.

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It's a $100 1-quart spray can. has the manual.

You still have the problem of getting the right stroke pattern, spray nozzle setting, and cleanup. It's limited to a 1-quart container, which is not enough to paint a decent sized wall, then you have to stop, clean and refill. And that 1-quart container is heavy and tiring to use compared with a compressor-based sprayer's nozzle and feed tube into a paint can on the floor.

Buy one from a retailer where you can walk in and get your money back if the thing breaks down.

And at least buy something that can feed from a 1 or 5-gallon can of paint. I did a 75-foot long block wall in a couple of hours with a compressor-based spray gun. My neighbor had a 1-quart sprayer like the Paint Zoom and it took him longer than that to paint one wall of his garage because he was always stopping for refills.

If you add the time to do all the taping and protecting, spray painters don't save much time. They are widely used in new construction because they don't have to protect anything.

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Thanks! Your response helped a lot!..I have also seen a paint roller that has a hose that goes into the actual paint can/container so you dont have to keep pouring paint into a pan to put roller in, etc...any experiecne with that? No spray to get onto things..

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gigi - Yes, I've used those rollers. They get HEAVY real fast and they require special, expensive rollers and they are hard to clean. You still have to cut in around the edges, so you save nothing in prep time.

I can paint faster with an ordinary paint roller and a brush than with any of the "work-saving" gimmicks.

1 - Get an extension handle for the roller so you can load the roller while standing up. Using a short handle even when you are doing the lower part of the walls gives you better control because you can use both hands.

2 - Use cheap rollers and roller pan liners. You can "clean" by discarding the roller cover and the pan liner. then wash off the roller cage or let it dry. I have several pans and cages, bought for cheap at yard sales.

3 - For cutting in, use the biggest brush you can accurately handle (this will vary depending on what you are cuttin in) and feather the paint out far enough that you can roll quickly. My biggest timesaver on cutting in is that I've done it often enough that I don't have to tape the edges. Practice where you will be painting the walls the same color until you can lay a nice clean line.

The one 'gimmick' that really helps is a pour spout for the cans. You can get ones that screw into 5-gallon buckets and replace the top of a 1-gallon can. It makes pouring into the roller trays much easier.

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I have it as well - a great investment for sure!

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Get a Wagner system that does the same thing as the Paint Zoom for less cost. A sprayer can save time for heavily textured surfaces but if there is a lot of masking off to do, that can offset that time savings. Not to mention having to coverup other areas to avoid spray mist from drifting and getting on things.

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Ok, I have to chime in, I read a lot of reviews before I buy and the zoom was no different. Some good, some bad but as a consumer that's what we're looking for right! So...when I read about people who haven't used one or have a "friend" that just so happens to have used one, didn't work, yada yada I take that into consideration, and I bought one. I'm not a "spammer", just a good 'ole consumer and I'm glad I did. yes the smaller canister is not the best, however...I was able to add a feed tube to a larger can and viola! no more refills.
Guys, be real, if you haven't used one don't "assume" to know if it's good or bad, if your friend tried it and didn't like it, don't assume they are the end all be all. Just accept it and try to keep an open mind, that's all!
Very best.

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Thanks Steve...finally a REAL review!

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Steve How did you do add the feed tube. My husband is seriously considering this purchase and your review will most likely be the reason he does. Thank you

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Yes, I'm curious how to adapt a bigger cannister..I have over 10 rooms to paint due to new house and I don't want to blow my money.. I also want it to look nice, we have stucco and rounded corners.. I don't mind prepping but it better not leak under that tape either as it does when I paint by hand

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Paint will bleed behind tape because the tape is not properly applied. It doesn't really have much to do with which brand of paint you use or which system you use or even which tape you use. You need to blade the tape down at the back edge, not just press it down with your thumb.

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My experience with the Paint Zoom Platinum? I'm getting my third unit in 3 months replaced because it keeps burning up even if I use it for less than 10 minutes. Not very happy with the unit. Love the way it paints, though.

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When will this end?!!?!?

I can't stand all the "HONEST and UNBIASED" reviews that all of a sudden show up by new posters.

It's just too much "Honesty"....;-)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Yes, I know. I think I'll just stay with my tried and true rollers and various brushes.

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I ordered and received the Paint Zoom Platinum 9/14/2011. I even ordered the extra bottles, strainers, tape and plastic sheeting.

I never used it, until yesterday (8/26/2012). I had a small wall to finish painting and I didn't want to use the roller to finish it. So I watched the dvd it comes with and read the instruction manual. When I removed the hose out of the box and attached the one end to the machine, the hose came out of the gasket. I tried to thread it back it, and it appeared to be okay.

But when I started to use the machine, after five minutes, the "compressor" got very very hot, and thus, so did the hose since it was hot air blowing through it. Seriously hot air. Then the hose came out of the gasket again. So I twisted it back in, and secured it to the gasket with tape.

I began my wall again, and behold, the hose came apart from the gasket attached to the paint spray gun. So I did my best to twist it back into that gasket, and taped it securely as well. I was able to finish my very small project.

It did paint, so long as all the hoses stayed on. But, if I had that compressor hanging off of me, I am afraid I would have been burned. It seriously gets very very hot. I wouldn't run it more than five minutes at a time if I ever use it again, which I highly doubt.

Also, the power cord is so very short, that you need an extension cord if you are going to reach anywhere higher than two feet off the ground and one foot from my paint area. I didn't use an extension cord, but you will need one. The hose itself is way too short to have a decent reach if you chose not to hang that device off your body. I had a step ladder so I didn't have to hold it. When you shut it off, the switch is also very hot.

I do feel ripped off due to the above reasons. I would highly recommend this product be investigated for safety and quality. For the price I paid ($129.84 plus $19.95 shipping...$9.95 -3 containers, $4.95 for two cloth, tape and five strainers and tax of $12.66) Total of $187.30, it never should have done this within 20 minutes of using the product. There is a 5 year replacement warranty should the product have a defect in materials or workmanship, they state they will repair or replace it without charge to you but a shipping and processing fee may apply. They give their Customer Service Number as 800-431-1902. I don't feel I should be paying anything to correct their defective product.

I seriously suggest staying away from this product and if need be, purchase a low end professional model instead.

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