Bob's Red Mill Products

OlychickNovember 28, 2012

I think a lot of us use the products. Thought you would enjoy this story. Makes me want to buy more!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's Red Mill

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I agree, it's a great company and I do buy the products.

If you notice, it was first published in February of 2010, so I'm assuming, since it was updated, that the company is doing well under the "new" ownership of the vested employees. Good for them!


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I didn't notice the date difference...wonder what was updated? Strange. Well, I missed it in 2010, so glad to know about it now.

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While all of their products I've tried are good, I often buy their hull-less barley. I mix one 28 oz bag of that with a 4.5 pound can of steel cut oats from Honeyville. That works out to about 1/3 barley to 2/3 oats. That's my standard breakfast porridge (I use a small 1.5 qt slow cooker to cook the grains overnight).

I'll sometimes use the barley as a low GI substitute for rice or pasta; cooking it in chicken stock makes it quite tasty. Again, using the slow cooker is nice because it takes about 4 hours to cook the barley.

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Great story. I love companies like this. I buy Bob's Red Mill flours and other product already. I'll do so even more from now on.

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I too love Bob's Red Mill Products, but I am always puzzled that although it says clearly on the package that the contents should be refrigerated, they are sold on open shelves, even in most health food stores.

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I think they do that is because some people do not use the product up real fast and it's a way to keep it fresh longer. I use old blue 1/2 gal. Mason jars as canisters, i put my Bobs Red Mill flours in those jars and keep on my cabinet and it stays fresh.

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How can whole grain products stay fresh without refrigeration? I've always heard that once grains are cracked or ground, they must be refrigerated immediately. Perhaps grainlady could offer some info.

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