Exterior concrete block stucco paint, prime, prep info

jterrilynnDecember 3, 2010

Hi, I'm getting ready to paint the exterior of my Florida CBS home and would like to know of some specific names of primer or (?) As well as a name of a good paint chalk remover and any other helpful info for my job.

Here's the story: The house had new construction shoddy watered down paint thrown on with no primer or anything. Of course this did not last long so husband decided to repaint with BM paint except he does not believe in paint prepared-ness. Against all my protests he painted over mold, dirt, and dusty chalk areas. Of course that did not last and it will take me until the cows come home just to get house ready for paint.

Where I'm at now: I am in the process of pressure washing the house, the paint is coming off in huge pieces, in some areas the paint has washed off down to bare stucco. I will then scrape and wash with a chalk remover and let dry for several days. If I'm not dead by then I imagine I need to add a coat of something before paint (but what for a cement block stucco covered house)? Next I will paint with BM paint (but what line of BM will be best and last the longest)???.

I want to do it right this time so words of wisdom are appreciated.

P.S. I will be getting some help but hiring a professional is not in budget.

Thank you,


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One step that is often ignored in stucco is letting it cure until the surface is no longer alkaline. It takes 60-90 days, and any paint applied before then usually falls off.

Pick a paint line that is meant for stucco - one that specifies stucco on the can - and follow the prep directions on the cans. And apply it with the right kind of roller and not too thin.

For longer-lasting color, start with a slightly grayed color, because the brights and clear colors fade to grayish anyway.

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You might consider an elastomeric or acrlic coating rather than a masonry paint. More pricy but longevity and reliability factor into it.

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Thank you both very much!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Here is what you want

Here is a link that might be useful: masonry paint

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