How do you store cookie sheets and racks?

maxmom96November 19, 2011

I have a very small kitchen with no space to spare. The only place I seem to have to store cookie sheets, racks, other large flat items, is on end in a cardboard box on the floor of my pantry/closet, and it doesn't take long before what was organized becomes a mess; the feet of one rack caught in the other, smaller sheets hidden by larger ones, etc.

Sure wish someone would invent a nice vertically or horizontally divided 'thing' about 20 inches wide that would sit on the floor and hold these things. I don't have any one who could build it, and I'm sure it would cost an arm and a leg.

How do you store items like this?

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Some of my cookie sheets are in the drawer of the stove.Things like the large one I use for roasting veggies. They have my silpats on to keep flat, as well. Muffin tins there as well.

My extras are squeezed between the frig and microwave cabinet, on edge.

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I installed vertical dividers in the bottom of a small (narrow) base cabinet. In the door of the cabinet I have a hook where I store 4 smaller racks.

I confess to using 75% of my cabinet doors to store items. Okay, I just checked--make that 100% (pot holders, collapsible strainer, scissors, flashlight, cutting mats, measuring cups, splatter screen).

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Yep, the sheets live in a wooden box, standing on end, in the pantry. My cooling racks (4 of them) hang from a hook on the wall in the pantry - along with my aprons, stir fry pan, strainers, bag of onions, bread basket and other awkward stuff that needs a home.


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I wish I had a pantry....
My cookie sheets and racks live in a cupboard with vertical dividers. Also rolling boards, cutting boards, 2 marble slabs, trays, pizza pans a pizza peel and a bread stick pan all live's a mess! thinking of doing away with those cooling racks but for 1....seems I often cool things on the grill of the Jenn aire

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I saw a good idea for making a storage place for baking sheets and racks. This person used spring tension rods (like those used for curtains) and put them in vertically in a cabinet to create a place to store them on their edges.

It didn't work for me because the one area that I use for that has drawers over it. But if you have a regular base cabinet, it might work great.

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You beat me to it, pfmasin. Of course, if all the cabinets and drawers are full, it doesn't help much.

I have something from Ikea that's like a set of bars that attaches to the underside of the cabinet. I wonder if something like that would work, just sitting them on top of the bars.

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I use an office divider thing inside a cabinet for many pans, muffin tins, etc. Cookie sheets are just stacked with the cooling racks. I'd love a better solution, but making this work for now.


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My "laundry room" is a closet in the kitchen. Baking sheets fit between washer/dryer. Have shelves in about every available space in that area. That's where cake/muffin pans live. Bought the thinnest S hooks I could find at HD or L's, and everything that can be "hooked" is... cooling racks, collanders, etc.

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Mine are in the drawer of the stove, along with a griddle pan. I wish I had a pantry, too. I have no clever ideas about storing them -- sorry!

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I have mine lying flat in a big drawer, but it's not convenient. If they're underneath the other things, they're too hard to get out. If they're on top (as they are) I never see or use the things under them.

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I store mine in vertical storage above the double ovens. It is very deep so you can get two layers" of stuff in there. I keep the items I don't use often in the back, like the popover pans, rectangular springforms, etc.

My BFF uses a system I designed for her. My hubby built her a box from plywood or mdf, I can't recall exactly, but we got it at home depot and they cut it to the sizes we needed right there. He put it together with nails and glue so very sturdy.

We then used these:

to add 1/4" plywood dividers in the box at the exact measurements we determined would best suit her needs. We used 3 dividers per side so 6 per divider as essentially we created a VERY DEEP draw.

She keeps it sideways on a shelf in her walk in pantry but it could just as easily stand on the floor.

Those drawer dividers are the bomb when it comes to custom organization on the cheap anywhere in your kitchen...

Here is an idea of using tension rods (which would also work in a wooden box or even a plastic crate

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L2C46 has my dream kitchen!!

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In Venice, I stored my pizza peel between the washer and dryer, and I stored some of my cookie sheets and cooling racks in the garage. Now I store the cooling racks in a drawer beneath my peninsula and the cookie sheets in the cabinet above the refrigerator. I have pizza pans on top of the fridge, and the pizza peel is still in the laundry room between the dryer and the pantry. I store a folding foot stool between the washer and dryer now.


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L2C46.....awww you're just showing off!! LOL (just teasing)

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LOL maybe jasdip [blush] but i sure do love organization. Everything has a place and everything in it's place then you can find what you need when you need it. :)

Not a kitchen gadget but my new favorite toy is my scanner.

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Some good suggestions here - thanks. Seems like some of you may have the same problem. I'm sort of surprised no one has mentioned storing them under the bed! Just thought of that now.

All my under-the-counter spaces have those nasty half shelves in the back that you have to stand on your head (I'm tall) to see, so that would mean a tearing one out; then what to do with what stored in that cabinet?

You've given some good ideas, though, that I'll work on an adjust to my needs.

I'd still love to hear from more of you.


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Maxmom, A few months ago I had pull-out shelves installed in the lower cabinets! DH doesn't understand why those pullouts got me so excited. But prior to that I struggled with those nasty half shelves as you can see below. I added an extra half shelf to every cabinet so I wouldn't waste head space. How I dealt with that was labeled bins; still had to stand on head but if I put the bins back in order, then I could reach in without looking and pull out the correct bin.

When I got the pullouts, I completely reorganized and Freecycled about 33% of the items in the cabinets. Boy it feels great. In fact I have invited a soon to be college student to come over for lunch and pick through what I didn't Freecycle. I think she will appreciate some of the high-end stuff because she loves to cook.

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I have a friend who stores hers in her oven. She just removes them when using the oven. I on the other hand would never remember to check the oven before turning on to pre-heat. I store mine in the cabinet above my oven. I bought a rack type thing specifically for storing pans vertically. These are not like mine but would work. I think one in a box would probably keep the pans from "hooking" together.
There are some great ideas here. I hadn't thought of hanging things on the inside of the cabinets. I do store my foil and plastic wrap in a rack on a cabinet door.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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On the inside of my pantry door I hung a shoe bag, those kind that have a dozen or so pockets. That's where I keep plastic bags to reuse. Even though I try not to bring stuff home in plastic bags, I always manage to have a few and that's a great place to put them, prior to using them to line my garbage pail.

If I could ever get them down to just a couple, I could figure out how to hang racks and trays there, even though it's not a flush door. Hmmmm. . . got to get thinking again.

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I think i need an intervention!!
I keep 2 marble slabs, a very large wooden cutting board and un hung pictures under beds!

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Do you have a corner where you could just stick two simple shelves, each maybe 6 inches from the corner and stack on top? You could use something like this, that you wouldn't see:

You could even do two or three sets at different heights, to make it faster to get stuff out.

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Linda, Linda, Linda--under the bed is for family photos and dinning room table leaves! LOL

Maxmom, I'm with you on the shoe holder-behind the door thing. Here is my hanging junk drawer that is behind the laundry room door along with the level and yard stick hanging on the wall.

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