What to do with these beams

MrKevinGoodwinDecember 16, 2012

Should I box them & then paint them or should I prime them with two coats of BINS, cracks filled, & then semi-gloss or satin them?

I think the latter would look really good, better than boxing them- am I crazy for thinking this?

The house is being prepared for sale (so price is a concern) and I am fighting a family member who thinks the house is much more than a dated house from the 80's and that the beams should be cherished & the trim should be left as well. Being a realtor & knowing buyers like light & bright & new, I'm with feng shui on this, so the dark beams are definitely getting dealt with one way or the other.

It's a 4/1.5 Colonial, 1700 sqft.

Long time lurker who respects you guys so much, so what say you......

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I am not a realtor nor do I play one on TV. I would leave them alone. Does that fit the budget?

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Before you deal with the beams ... scrub every inch of the house until it shines, including under the sinks. Fix any leaking plumbing, wobbly knobs, etc.

Slapping some paint on those beams is minor compared to the other stuff.

But that carpet is a deal-breaker. Can you replace it? Clean it?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would leave the beams...they are not a problem.

I'm much more concerned with that brick over the fireplace that seems to stop short of the ceiling and seems to be recessed into the sheet rock. That does not look good. I'd sheet rock over that and make the wall above the mantel smooth.

The rug is not good. It should be replaced...unless you're lucky enough to have decent hardwood under there.

Also what is that "thing" on top of the wood stove. That is just awful looking...regardless of how practical it might be...it should be removed and just leave the wood stove.

The texture on the ceiling isn't good, but if there isn't a quick fix, leave it. It'll do.

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Oh boy..... Thanks for the tips, but i think the
Horrible cat urine smell is number one priority...

I'm putting in, all new doorknobs, outlets, switches, covers, flooring, lights, interior and wxterior painting, landscaping, septic, etc etc. this room was wallpapered a week ago, what a pita that was. Some interior and
Exterior stuff is done, one room has new paint and carpert, others are getting there.
Woodstove along with boiler is getting replaced in the spring, i've been eying some on craigslist for awhile, plan was to do a floating floor in here, and a combination of mosaic tiles and stone. Can we get back to the beam question?

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You put up wallpaper???? Wallpaper is very very taste specific and not something that should be selected for resale.

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Leave the beams as they are.

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Chispa, sorry for the confusion, the room was wallpapered 10 years ago, it was removed a week ago.. For resale purposes what would you do with the beams?

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Lori A. Sawaya

I would leave them alone for the time being. No matter what you do to them, you won't be able to hide the fact that they are wooden beams with all the characteristics of wooden beams. Spackle, fill, paint won't make them look like smooth, neat boxes.

They are very dark. And Dark floors are hot right now. That might be the design direction to make the beams work. Dark floor, a rich, complex white paint color for the walls.

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So putting the finishing touches on everything now, the fireplace is on the deck all sandblasted ready for some paint & gaskets, but what an improvement! If I could go back in time I would have went through the trouble of removing the brick and reframing the floor so that I could have the marble on the bottom flush, and maybe even have gone with the simulated wood tile to blend it in with the floor, oh well. Still an improvement. Spent about $750 in materials on replacing particle board subfloor, underlayment, and laminate + new switches, outlets, paint, etc, and probably about $400 in materials to do the veneered stone and marble.

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Please excuse i-phone pic quality, the grey on the wall doesn't have the ble that it appears to in pics.

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Kevin, love the makeover ... really amazing. Nicely done. What a HUGE difference!!!

Fireplace looks totally different. I would have said paint those beams but now that I see it with the floor -- good decision on leaving them alone.

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Holly- Kay

What a nice transformation.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Tremendous improvement! And I'm glad you left the beams alone....they add character to the space now. Well done!

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Annie Deighnaugh

You should post before and after pics on the home decor forum...the folks there would love to see your transformation!

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