cost of costa esmeralda vs crema bordeux granite

myrnabirdieFebruary 23, 2009

My granite is not yet chosen. I was given the estimate for the granite. I was surprised to see same cost for Costa Esmeralda as Crema Bordeux. Does any one know if they are similarly priced?

My insurance adjustor had measured my kitchen granite to be about 105 sq ft. The cost is estimated by the granite guy to about ~$15000.00!

I know for sure that Cost Esmeralda is 2 cm slab. I don't know if the cost of Crema Bordeux is for 3 cm. However, I was told that eventual cost comes out similar as for 3cm the edge is simpler but for 2 cm is it more fancy.

Please let me know if I should look for another granite guy.


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I found out that crema bordeaux was priced for 3 cm. However, the edging is plainer for it. Does nay one have any idea as to what the ball park price should be per square yard on each of these?

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I know that it depends a lot on where you are in the country. Also depends upon whether you're pricing everything including templating, cutting, installation, etc. or just the price of the raw material.

That price does seem a little high from my experience. We are on the west coast (Oregon) and got Costa Esmerelda, 2 cm slabs, in our master bath. Our complete price for 4 slabs (I think ~100 sq feet) including installation was $8500. This was a better price than the other quotes we got, because this fabricator worked with our contractor often so gave him better quotes, but even the worst I think was about $11k.

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I am in Northern Va and I just got a quote for a 48 inch vanity top in Crema B. I was shocked at the price for the 10.5 square feet to be $1287!! It really was way over priced. I also checked with the Costco granite people and got an estimate for the same vanity at around $800.

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Crema Bordeaux:Brazil:
(last time purchased Very Red slabs)
in Dallas Texas: $18.00-$22.50 per sf:
average slab: 63" X 108" = $18.00 sf = $1700 for 2 slabs! (got on sale last time paid for them)

Costal Esmeralda: Iran:
just priced for someone last week: 3cm Costa Esmeralda or (COSTA SMERALDA)
103"x57" : 31.25$ per sf = $1774.00 for 1 slab + $75 shipping to warehouse for slab yard.

*Ogee edge is only upgrade here or waterfall edge.

I love both: would be hard for me to pick! I love Green the best but, I love the Red Bordeaux as well(very bold choice!) Green is a warm & positive color; to me!

Hope that Helps!
Best Wishes!

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just my 2 cents, supporting anything that comes out of Iran, at this time, is not right. politics aside there are similer products from other countries that are as nice, and cheaper. Bob

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I apologize: that doesn't really answer your question:
where you live~
cut outs ~
edging ~
square feet ~

I would say $85.00 sf out the door price with demo, cut out sink & stove : material fab and install for the Costal.
and $65-$70 per sf out the door for Crema Bordeaux.

We charge
$3 per sf for demo (you can do that yourself!) tell them AFTER BID
$1 per sf for sealing stone (EASY to do yourself!) then you know done correctly! State that day the day fabrication or at signing and don't pay for sealing
$21.00 sf for Fabrication with a choice of free edging: Demi bullnose: bullnose: standard: ease: or beveled edge.(ogee and waterfalls extra + 2.5" built up edge)
$12.00 sf for complete install
$275.00 for undermount sink cut out: free SS sink: 70/30 or 60/40 or 50/50 18 gauge.
$175 for stove:

This just gives you an idea: why: and how:

Trust me: I am not advertising:

We use to charge consistantly to each customer!

NOT ANYMORE: Economy changed about one year ago.
People come in with 6 bids in their hands! LOL!
The word Consistant PRICING in Dallas Texas Is GONE!
Everything is Negotable here.

Now up North: I have seen some HIGH prices:

Also: have to put into consideration: FREIGHT charges! These slabs come on big tankers across the sea!!!!! $$$$$
And based on where you live: it cost money to ship. Gas was high for over a year! Companies have gone out of business. Slab yards aren't stocking new granite! All have been hit. There is more of a demand here in Dallas for LOW installs: because there are "not" so trustworthy installer throwing out cheap bids! Driving the bids down. We have had to PICK up the PIECES now at 3 customers house: screw over by "bad" installers. 1/2 kitchen install: also kitchen installed wrong never fixed: and lady with guest vanity never installed right: including plumbing screwed up and we riped out and started over 36x22 piece! She was having a party! All of these 3 were "having parties" 2 Christmas and one July 4th. That motivated them: they never got their jobs fixed! Lady with 1/2 kitchen and no running water for 90 days! her kitchen 65 sf ended up costing her 5500$. We had to double rock her backsplash: because of the gaps the other installer left! And we had to match Portofino Gold: not easy! Also: other guy: CRAZY: got granite: they screwed up: never would come back: so he hired new guy to fix: screwed up cooktop worse and never came back: terrible seams: terrible install on the flow of Madura Gold! Then we were third company he hired! We riped it ALL OUT: started over: Maduri Gold 3cm: He was SOOO happy: perfect seams and he was almost in tears when we left! funny thing was it rained the next day on July 4th and his party got cancelled! and His wife was FREAKING OUT because granite installers RIPED out all the old Sheet Rock! So all the drama they had been through: she freaked out thinking we screwed up her walls! She calls Screaming at me: and I didn't understand her: She is screaming there are wires sticking out every where and wood showing!!! I had to laugh~ AND???: So, I quickly explained to here the Durock was much better and to chill out! Tile guy will fix! I had to laugh!

My Point: Beware! Get references: go see their finished work: ask how long in business. Ect! I have people bring me 6 estimates lately! Home Depot, Lowes and Cosco: will charge high: remember they are Third party! They don't fabricate! they hire random people with their own shops and then random installers!

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I just got a quote for Costa Smeralda in the Boston area - 3cm stone with a plain (no-upcharge) edge for $130/square foot.

I wish I could find someplace with less expensive pricing, but I went to three reputable places, and all quotes were within a few hundred dollars of one another. More's the pity!

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