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snookums2December 22, 2012


I am priming with Peel Stop (Gardz in some other areas with bare drywall). How long before I must put the finish coat of paint on? I note the Peel Stop documentation says it cures in 7-10 days. Does that mean I have to get my finish coat on within 7 days? Otherwise adhesion problems?

I forget what day I started! I'm sure it is less than a week at this point.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Don't know why you would be using peel stop but you can put the finish coat on either one in a couple hours , under normal conditions

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My problem is delay not dry time. Primers (even paint, I think) have a specific time period within which you have to get your finish coat on for proper adhesion. Kilz Original is 30 days. I just read some can be as little as two days. All I know is it says 7-10 days to cure.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

That question is best left to asking Zinnser but I would guess within a month or so.

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Thanks, I thought someone might know. They are closed!

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You know this is just one of those things to write on a can of primer so that when their product fails, they can blame you for not applying the topcoats fast enough. I have never in my 30 years of painting had an issue with paint or primer failing because I waited too long to put the topcoat on. Sure, it is best to always follow manufacturer recommendations, but this is a perfect example of what do you do when the manufacturer recommends nothing? It's a clear sign that this probably just isn't all that critical of an issue. What I always do though if I can't get back to apply the topcoats in a timely manner (within two weeks or so) I will sand the primer just to help that paint stick better in case there is anything there that has collected on the primer that would impede that adhesion. Enjoy your Christmas and don't stress out too much about this.

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I totally agree, why don't they just put it on the can since 'they' claim there is a period of time for getting your finish on.

Thanks, I will try to relax. I hate rework! lol

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