How to you successfully trap cats?

marti8aJanuary 1, 2014

There are two strays that have suddenly shown up in our yard. My cat is not at all happy about these invaders which is a shame because they both seem like they want to be be friendly.

So we have a live trap, and have baited it with salmon, but no go. Neither cat will go in it.

One looks like a Birman and I thought it was going to come in the house the other day when my cat came in but I shut the door just in time. I think my bil would like to have one or both of these if we can catch them.

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Might be some ideas at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trap a cat.

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First of all, I wouldn't use Salmon for a lure. It's been my experience that they don't really like it. Just try canned cat food or dry cat food. We have a whole family of feral cats here and I had put out some Salmon and none of them touched it, dry's gone in an hour!

Do you need to trap them, it sounds like they may be friendly. Most likely someone moved and just left them behind. This seems to be happening a lot these days with dogs and cats...very sad. Long time family members just thrown out like they are garbage.

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Thanks for the link and the tip about dry food. Certainly have plenty of that. lol

We've only had one neighbor move in the last 6-9 months and they took their cat with them. The new neighbors didn't bring the cats with them either.

We get a lot of dumped animals out here, probably because we are on a dead end road.

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I use to trap, neuter, an release feral cats. We used canned cat food with much success.

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If they're friendly, just keep your cat indoors and then go outside and see if you can lure the cats close enough to pick up and put in a carrier. Or close your cat in a separate room and see if you can lure the strays indoors. Once inside, you can catch the strays and put them into another separate room or into crates until you decide what to do with them. From your description, it sounds like they might want to come inside, anyway.


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I've heard KFC makes terrific cat bait! Its great that they have a possible home. Keep us updated,

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Are you sure they are strays? Would be awful if they were someone else's pets. My indoor cats are microchipped, they don't do tattoos anymore. What bothers me is if they do escape on me sometime, people might think they are strays or abandoned, not realizing they have ID under their skins. I cant get them to keep collars on. At least with the tattoos, you could visually see there was a record of ownership.
So if you catch them, take them to a vet or a shelter who will scan them for free, just to make sure they don't have owners who are missing them.
Thank you!!!

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Hi marti8a,

Use wet (canned) cat food. Tuna will work as well. To keep the cats around, place some food in the same place everyday and make sure to place the trap near the food so they get used to it's presence.

Then put the food inside the trap. You won't catch both cats at once. If you can get the one who wants in, to come in, do so, and keep in your bathroom isolated from your cat, that way the other cat won't be afraid when the trap is tripped. If the cat gets out of the trap, you may never be able to trap it again, and don't open the trap outside. Make sure to take the trap inside to a small room such as the bathroom to open it and let the cat out.

Good luck and thank you for having a kind heart for trying to find these precious critters a forever home.

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Canned mackerel is what we use, they can't resist it. It smells really bad to me but we've caught lots of cats in live traps using canned mackerel.

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Ill just reiterate that these could be someone's pets - displaced or lost through no fault of anyone's - it happens sometimes. Although I hear ya about stupid heartless people who dump unwanted pets - that happens too.

In addition to scanning for microchips, post notice of "found cat" anywhere you can think of and check lost cat listings at Humane Soc., craigslist, etc. going back as far as you can - cats can be on their own many months/years even. Keep one identifying feature secret so that you know person claiming the cat (if anyone does) is indeed the cat's person.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with you kashka_kat. They could belong to someone who cares. For all we know someone could have a Holiday visitor that let the cats out, not thinking. So many scenarios to why the cats are there and showed up together at your home.

Do have them checked for microchips, and if you can get close enough to the one you think might be a Birman (could also be a snowshoe depending on length of fur see link below:) see if it has any claws. If not, the other may not either and are definitely someones pets though I have rescued many that were dumped and had been declawed. If they have no claws, they do need to be taken off the streets since they have no way to defend themselves.

In addition to kashka_kat's ideas, also check local vets, animal control and shelters in your area to see if anyone has reported their cats missing. My local news paper is pet friendly and allows free ads to be posted. Yours may allow you to run a free ad in lost and found, too! Also, if you are a Yahoo group member you may be able to run an ad on the freecycle group in your area.

Just some ideas......

Saving the world one kitty at a time! :wink:

Here is a link that might be useful: Snowshoe vs Birman

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I trapped one easily enough, don't remember what I used. I would think any type of meat or moist cat food.

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