visually diving one space into 2 rooms? help!

tansunnyDecember 13, 2010

Let me start out by saying I have a fairly small house. Its 1100 sq ft total. The living room and dining room is all one large area with no dividing walls. We recently had our hardwood floors refinished and now we are looking at paint colors that will match the living room rug and our current furniture. The rug has some buttery yellow, sage green, rust, and grey blue colors. The furniture is sage green.

For the living room, I have decided that I am either going to use Sherwin Williams Golden Fleece or Mannered Gold. I am not sure which yet. The GF is lighter, but it is also likely more yellow, and I'm not sure that is what I'm going for. I'm trying to get a richer color without going very dark if that makes sense.

For the dining room, I am thinking about either Cavern Clay or the Roycroft (a deeper green). The dining area is fairly small, but it is mostly just 2 walls and the rest is open. When you walk in the front door, the dining area is directly in front of you and then the living room is to the left. In some spots the goldish hue I choose and the green and the red will be very close to each other. Both the green and red were chosen using the rug that will be in the living room.

Am I nuts? Can I pull off two different hues like this in one area? I think we are talking a space maybe 500 sq ft. I am trying to make the two areas seperate, while still trying to have them coordinate. One area is for eating, the other area is for watching TV, relaxing, but it is all one space.


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I also posted this plea on the Home Decorating forum and they asked for pictures. I do not have a picture of the rug yet, just a picture of the general area. I put up samples of the paint and I don't feel that any of them are quite right, but I just want to know if my concept is ok...paint the dining area (which is basically 2 walls) one color and then paint the living room/hallway/entrance a different color?

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I'm facing this same issue with a kitchen/DR combo that are self-contained in one room--all the walls are contiguous with no structural break. The advice I received was 1) do it all one color, or 2) try an accent wall. The latter is sort of the same idea you're talking about.

I decided to do one color. I'll be anxious to hear what others advise.

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The color consulted suggested that the two dining room walls combined would be an accent wall. Part of me likes the idea, part of me thinks I'm crazy.

It doesn't really matter anways because I don't think I like ANY of the colors she picked out and I'm not having much luck matching them up. I'm looking for kind of a rusty orange/brown/red and a neutral gold/tan and everything is too orange, too yellow, etc. She picked out a bronzy green too and it looks like someone smeared baby poop.

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I just noticed my title. That should be dividing. Not diving.

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Are you hell-bent on SW or could you explore BM? I just pulled chips of some of those same colors. You may be able to get closer to what you're looking for.

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I tried to post last night, but its not showing.

Benjamin Moore or even Behr colors should be fine.

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I am offering a solution which may help. The photo below shows the "bridge" separating our LR and DR. Though we painted both spaces the same color, the individual rooms are defined.

Even if you placed a nice molding on the wall, or drywalled around a 2 x 4 installed there, it would make separating your colors easy.

Just a thought, hope it helps.

Living Room

Dining Room

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For now, we ended up having the living room, dining area and hall all one color. There was much disagreement about what color this should actually be. We were aiming for a neutral tan/goldish color. Everything seemed to beige or too yellow. FINALLY, we determined that SW Restrained Gold was the way to go and it is all painted and perfect. My Uncle who is in town painted everything for us as well as touched up trim in the other rooms. Uncle Bob is a professional painter and he thought that using the dining room as accent walls would be a fine idea, however, he is only in town for a week or so. We may look at different colors again when he is back in the sumer.

For now though, everything looks really nice.

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If you are still looking for the rusty/orange/brown/redish color, take a look at Porter Paints Sundance. It is a beautiful coppery rusty color. It is not on the newest fan deck, but they should still have the last fan deck, or be able to locate it on their computers. My dentist recently painted the waiting room that color, and I fell in love with it, and asked for the color name. My office walls are now that color, and I absolutely love it.

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