Help me pick colors for new house, please???

home4all6December 1, 2010

Hi all! I've been reading and researching here for 2 days straight (in between caring for my 4 time-consuming kiddos!), but still am uncertain about what to do.

I am desperate to choose colors for my "new to us" house that DH and I have just purchased. IT is a 1940's colonial, and we've removed all the carpet and found beautiful hardwood floors. We are having those refinished next week, so my painter is going to paint tomorrow, and I need to get my color choices to him pronto!

I am not picky, really, just want nice, light, soothing colors that coordinate. I LOVE the Restoration Hardware palette, but cannot use those paints (not that I'd want to anyway...) I will be using Benjamin Moore paints, and I've tried to cross-reference , but I'm having troubles with some....yada, yada, yada...

Anyway, here's what I'm looking for--all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

LR: light blue (like the RH Shore or even Silver Sage collection)(Quiet moments, perhaps?)

Foyer: light beige (RH Slate or Flax collection)

DR: light green (RH Bay Laurel collection)

It is a center-entry foyer, so that color will go all the way up the stairs and the upstairs hallway, too. The LR is through a 4 ft wide doorway to the left of the foyer, and the DR is to the right. There is a 6 inch wide trimmed doorway between all rooms, which is painted white.

I hope this all makes sense!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


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Here are my ideas as of now...input appreciated!
LR: brittany blue
DR: salisbury green
Foyer: berkshire beige

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Or maybe:
LR: brittany blue
DR: apple blossom
Foyer: coastal fog
This is why I like RH--just a *few* colors to choose from....ugh...

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I'm reading this too late to help, so I'll just say good luck and post some after photos.

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So I went with:
LR: Quiet moments
DR: Sweet Caroline
Hall: coastal fog
fingers crossed...

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