Elf on a shelf

katy-louFebruary 1, 2014

Alas no pets yet, but here is our Elf on a Shelf. The large pullout drawers are finally done and the Elf has found them too cool to play in. There are shelves to the left of the drawers allowing one to climb onto the shelf and then into the next drawer.

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looks like a perfect place to be when you're the size of that elf!

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She's a cutie! Great storage space.

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This makes me think of the Seinfeld where Cramer was renting out his drawer space for Japanese business men to sleep in. Maybe that's what I left out of my new kitchen-- child storage!

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What a great picture and looks like fun
As a kid- I have a vague recollection of sliding through a wall opening between 2 bathrooms on 2 different floors in a split level while DP were finishing up building the house.
I am not sure DM would have thought it cute but your picture brings back fun mories.
I think your elf must have some cat genes!
Enjoy but be safe

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The drawers are huge at 27"x40"! Thankfully the Elf listens and understands no sudden movements / jumping. But the drawers are solid and the glides are rated for something like 350lbs under dynamic load! The glides and the drawer weigh more than the elf :). Hadn't realized when we building the pantry it was going to be such a fun place to play :)

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You may need to remind the elves in your house that they will grow. My elves used to like to crawl into my panty which is just a space over the basement stairs and does not go to the floor. My 20 yo (over 6') on occasion will attempt to crawl in there, just for fun (eyes rolling).

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