Suggestions for White Kitchen Remodel

rkb21February 20, 2013

Hi, everyone! I have been reading so much about kitchens, I think I'm going to explode. Lol.
We are planning to remodel our kitchen. It started out with my aversion to our tile kitchen counters.
I would like to keep our kitchen white...I like the airy, open feel of white. The layout will remain intact for the most part [unless I get some ideas that I haven't thought about].
Our cabinets are in great shape and don't need to be changed out. I would keep our doors, but there are several that have some damage to them and there are a few things I would like to change out. So, I'm thinking of just replacing the doors vs having someone professionally paint them. I don't know if someone has a better suggestion.
Things we're considering doing [open for suggestions, please!]
*removing tile counters and putting in granite [colonial dream]
*new backsplash--not sure what though, maybe a beveled subway tile
*new knobs for the doors/ new pulls for the drawers
*new stainless undermount sink, faucet
*changing out the double wall oven. It's a 24in wide Thermador that works but it's 20yrs old and if we're doing the work now, our GC thinks we can widen the opening to fit a 27inch instead.
*Panelled vs SS dishwasher---I'm leaning towards panelled b/c of the placement of the DW, any thoughts?
*adding an overhang on the island for counter height seating [still debating the depth, either 12 or 14inches]
*close off the open shelves on either end of the island to give it a more 'furniture' feel
*lengthen the doors on the front of the island where the overhang is to get rid of drawers [since we can't use the drawers anyway].
*add toe kick trim around island and at bottom of desk
***at the left end of the kitchen, we have this weird transition. The bottom cabinets end at an angle but the top cabinets don't line up. I was thinking of adding a narrow cabinet and then an angled cabinet to match the angle of the bottom cabinet. Need help with this one! Right now the backsplash just kind of juts out.
***what to do about the doors??? I like the style/color just not sure what to do bc if we add some cabinets, we would need to match new doors with the current doors. Also, I want to add some end panels to the desk area and to the upper cabinets flanking the sink.
***giving some height to the existing top cabinet moulding and adding very simple moulding to the bottom of the top cabinets.
So, I would love to hear any suggestions that people have for me.
I know it's not a major overhaul, but I've spent a lot of time thinking of ideas and would love to get some input:)
Thanks in advance for everyone's help!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen pictures

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I have just one thought to throw out to you just about the dishwasher being paneled . I did mine that way 7 years ago and I do not think I would do it again . One reason is the raised panel large wood piece on the dishwasher is heavy. I already had to two years ago have the spring on one side replaced. I have heavy dishes and tend to leave it open when loading so I guess the weight caused an issue with spring. I do love the look however so its just a thought to consider . I think your ideas are great and your kitchen has very good bones your lucky . Great idea to panel the ends I did that and I love the look . Do not know if you can get away with just door replacement I guess that depends on how old the kitchen is . Does not look very old . Might be a slight color difference with the new doors to older cabinet surrounds . I do not know. Good luck :)

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I have 35 year old 24" Thermador double ovens that keep on working except for a loose door hinge on the upper. Can you believe it?

What a lovely space you have! Tall rooms. I like your ideas, especially putting in matching uppers on the left back wall to match the lowers. Your cabinets look to be in great shape. If you need to paint, BM Satin Impervo and Murelo (made in NJ if you're in the US) are nice leveling paints. Due to their height, they can easily use pro looking long cabinet pulls/hardware. It's going to be very nice, I'm sure.

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I used to have those countertops too. Don't miss having to constantly wipe pepper and everything else out of the white grout. Granite is a dream after that!

Sounds like you have lots of good ideas, but I think if you're going to replace some doors you'll need to replace all else how would you ever get a match? If you don't I think it would look obvious and more like a repair rather than a refresh. Like the subway tile for a backsplash and changing the cabinet hardware would make a big difference.

Are you going to panel the fridge again? If so I would definitely panel the DW.

Doesn't look like much room around the cooktop so if you're going to you enlarge the island countertop make it as big as possible so people sitting there are far from the cook top.

You could panel the side of the island or add glass or wood doors too.

Not sure what to say about that angled corner. Hard to visualize. Could you add a few more pictures so we can see that area from a different angle? What's to the left of that area? Do you have the space to add more cabs at the top or remove some on the bottom in that area?

You mentioned adding a toe kick at the bottom of the island and desk; what's there now? Can we see it? And where is the desk?

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Thanks for the input!

sarina- I love the look of panelled DWs, but worry about how well they hold up given all of the wet hands, etc.

Sparklingwater- wow...I am not a big baker but the temperature is always 25-50 degrees hotter than the temperature selected... Otherwise it works fine. I just figured since we are doing the remodel, this would be the time to change it out, especially since the opening needs to be widened, etc.

Island- I agree on the doors. I'm leaning towards just replacing the doors and painting the cab faces. There are more pics in the link. If you need more, I can post some. The island and desk have the generic indented toe kick. I would like to have something flush with the cab fronts and go down. Maybe I'm using the wrong wording for it----like a baseboard trim at the bottom. There is a pic of the desk in the link also.

As for the island width---it's about 44 in deep and the cooktop is 21.5 inches. When we add the overhang, there should be at least 35 inches to the edge of the cooktop.

Here is a picture of the Left side of the kitchen:

Here is a link that might be useful: More Kitchen pictures

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To help with the "furniture feel" add "feet" to you lower cabinets.

Also the backsplash overhang area on the back left wall. I would an upper cabinet that comes all the way down to the counter top. Perhaps with some glass would be nice?

I definitely would enlarge the island to include seating. But I agree about making it as big as possible to have plenty of space away from the cooktop.

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tinkersouthernbelle: Thanks for the suggestions! I thought about doing a cabinet to meet the countertop but wasn't sure if it would close things off too much. What do you think about adding a cabinet about the half the width of the cabinet next to it with an angled cabinet next to it to match the angle on the bottom cabinet? I do like the idea of glass...hmmm...what if I did it on the upper angled cabinet? Would I need it somewhere else in the kitchen as well? I really do use all of my cabinet space so I would probably do a frosted glass so that I don't have to worry about what's inside.

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I would not be worried about it being "closed in" at all! You have such a wide open space!

When I first responded I didn't see that the lower was angled. So yes I would match the upper all the way down to the counter top...angled. I think it would be very pretty!

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Nice suggestion regarding the glass door cabinet going down to the counter. Another option, if you want to consider keeping your current doors, is to insert a cabinet with open shelves (no doors) to the wall cabinet area you want to extend and add your current curved shelf unit at the end to echo the lines of the base cabinet. Also, there have been remodels on this forum that have cut out the center panel of several wall cabinet doors and added glass.

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Texasgal47 and tinkersouthernbelle:

Thanks! That end piece is the biggest issue I have in the kitchen [well, besides picking out all of colors, tile, etc, etc :)]

Should I start another thread just to get advice on that? Sorry I'm new here.

The lines on the upper cab and lower cab where the angle begins may not match that okay?

Also, the kitchen ceiling ends just before the angled shelf starts and the vaulted ceiling of the hearth room starts. I still think adding the cabinets and making the angles match would be a good idea, but what do you think about the ceiling issue?

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What a lovely, open and airy space! The only thing that bothers me (aside from those counters, lol) is how short the upper cabs look compared to the height of the room. Taller cabs would be dreamy for sure! But it's so great that you have so much good stuff to work with off the bat. Have fun!

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I have found some an interesting design for a white kitchen a last year I donâÂÂt know if you would like it as much as I did but for me it was perfect.

Here is a link that might be useful: White kitchen slides

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AboutToGetDusty: the upper cabinets are 42" high. I did think about adding small glass cabs on top but thought it might be too much going on. We do have very high ceilings and it opens to a hearth room with a vaulted ceiling.

danabarca80: thanks for the link!

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Wow, 42 cabs! Tall room indeed. I think small glass cabs on top would look great. Maybe one of the GW photoshop gurus could do a mockup for you to see if you like it or not? Here are a couple of houzz pictures, one with that look and one with molding to bridge the gap:

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Sophie Wheeler

Those are thermofoil cabinets. They do NOT take to being refaced well at all. You can't get veneer to stick to plastic on the faceframes. And refacing if you have to pay for it is just as expensive as buying new cabinets. Buy new cabinets. And tweak your layout. Like maybe moving the cooktop to a location on the wall where it can be vented easier and putting a prep sink on the island instead so that you can spend your time prepping on it and have room to do so instead of trying to do it standing over the DW or having things fall off of the island next to the cooktop because there's not enough room to prep there.

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AboutToGetDusty: yes, they are high. I would love for someone to photoshop that idea...I don't have photoshop so I'd be at the mercy of someone else :)

Hollysprings: the doors are actually mdf not thermafoil. The cabinets have solid wood face frames and are plywood; drawer boxes are wood with dovetailed joints. We have thermafoil in our laundry room so I know what you mean about not being able to paint those.

We actually aren't going to do a huge overhaul...don't want to move plumbing and the vent system to the cooktop, but I could see how your ideas would make for a more efficient layout. I'd have to see what it would cost to do those things. Something to look into. Thanks for the input!

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