Warm Grey Paint Color for the Kitchen?

novice_from__ctDecember 30, 2007

It may sound strange to paint a kitchen grey but I think it will work very nicely as a neutral background in my kitchen. My cabinets are an off-white/ivory color and right now my kitchen is painted a very pale lime green (alomst white) color. It's nice but does nothing for the cabinets. I'm afraid if I go blue, it will be too easter egg loooking since the cabinets have a lot of yellow in them. I thought grey would be a nice compliment, with the ceiling crown and window trim painted bright white. Does anyone have a grey painted kitchen? Any suggestions for warm grey paints that are not too dark?

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i'm going to paint my kitchen (with orangy oak cabinets) with BM revere pewter.

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I am painting my cabinets a very greyed blue. Ihappen to be using the nnew Ace Cabinet paint.

You can find wonderful greyed colors in any paint. I like the idea of gray but those with a hint of blue or green look very classy.

I suggest you ask on the home decorating forum or the kitchen forum for colors as they are quite well versed there.

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I like Benjamin Moore's austere grey. It is a grey with a green hue. It changes color with lighting and I get lots of compliments on it. It is the main neutral color in my house.

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I just painted my bedroom BM Silver Mist (1619) and we are all in LOVE with this color. My bedroom faces south and has big windows so the room gets lots of light. Depending on the time of day, amount of light, etc. it varies from pale, warm gray to pale, pale smoky blue. I cannot imagine it looking easter-ish. Just doesn't have that pastel quality. We also looked at BM Quiet Moments which is also a lovely gray, but with a bit more green in it.

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My kitchen is BM Beacon Gray with white painted cabinets:

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Thanks for all the advice! Hoffman, love your kitchen! The color looks almost lavender, is that accurate?

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Thanks -- it's bluish/gray but can look purplish depending on the light.

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Also nice is BM wickham gray. See if you can get ahold of Stephanie Hoppen's new book Perfect Neutrals (published in 2007). She has some lovely examples of gray interiors. I've seen the book at Borders and in Restoration Hardware.

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I love Wickham Gray and will pick up a sample of that when I'm ready to start painting. Thanks for the advice on the book. I've read some reviews online and it looks really useful.

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Hi Hoffman, two more questions, what white did you use and also what sheen is on your trim and room paint. Love it. Thanks

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I like SW Intellectual Gray - used it in a bedroom and it's medium dark and warm, but if you are leaning towards a blue-gray, it may not work. It is more brown-olive gray.

Also, a pale gray that I like a lot is BM Edgecomb gray. Pretty, light and neutral.

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any one use steel wool by ben moore?

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Sorry! I didn't see your question until now. The walls are BM Aura matte finish and the trim is BM satin impervo. The trim was custom matched to my cabinets -- I think they are SW pure white, but not 100% sure.

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Hi Novice,
I am looking at BM Winter Solstice for my kitchen- just one color below Silver mist. It looks very muted, not too bright or pastel. We'll see! I do plan on trying out a sample first so I won't have a do-over!
It's been awhile since u posted- have u painted yet?

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I loved using SW Intellectual Grey 7045 on my kitchen cabinets!

Wall:SW 7045 Intellectual Gray flat 100%
Ceiling:SW 7045 Intellectual Gray flat 50%
Cabinets,trims, doors: SW 7045 Intellectual Gray, Semi gloss 100%
Island: Benjamin Moore Bronze Tone #60 Semi gloss 100%

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